Best Chainsaw Chain for Hardwood: How to Choose The Right One?

The presence of sawdust while using your chainsaw shows that it’s high time you change the chain. A dull chain will not only result in a messy job, but it will also affect your productivity dramatically. You and I both know that the very purpose of a chainsaw is to speed up your task.

And if that condition is being compromised, you shouldn’t have second thoughts about replacing the chain. No matter what the quality or durability of the chainsaw itself is, it is powerless without a proper chain. If my point has managed to strike a chord in your mind, then the following dilemma you’ll face is which chainsaw chain you should for.

Well, good news awaits you because I’ve listed down the best chainsaw chains for hardwood to make the task easier for you. So, let’s not waste time anymore and find the perfect chainsaw chain for you!

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best chainsaw chain for cutting hardwood 2022

1. Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon chainsaw chains Oregon S56 AdvanceCut

The first chain in this list is Amazon’s Choice product for chainsaw chains. It is none other than the Oregon S56 AdvanceCut. The name itself may give you a slight hint about its capabilities, but I’ll do the honors of introducing you to this epic chainsaw chain.

Specifications And Performance

This chain comprises a LubriTec design which leads to automatic oiling. Due to this, the chain always remains lubricated and therefore boosts the durability of your saw. Apart from that, this 16-inched also enables you to work more neatly and finish your task without messing.

It also consists of a layer of chrome belonging to industrial quality. It makes it relatively easy for you to use it to penetrate through hard surfaces, along with a decreased frequency of tension adjustments. On top of that, the hard rivets used in the manufacture of this chainsaw chain make it the perfect accessory for usage on load-bearing surfaces.

With a pitch of 3/8-inches low profile and 56 drive links attached to it, this is one of the best chainsaw chains for the hardwood that you can get your hands on.


This heat-treated chain is compatible with a range of chainsaws, including those from Homelite, Craftsman, Echo, Remington, and Poulan. For instance, the Oregon S56 complements RY3716 and RY43154 from Ryobi, T540XP, 335T, T435, and 334T from Husqvarna.

Furthermore, the compatibility is not limited to these brands and models only. You’ll find a massive list at the back of the package that states models from different brands on which you can use this chainsaw chain.


The design of the S56 makes it quite desirable to DIY homeowners as well as professionals. Its ability to smoothly cut through storm-damaged trees and dust tolerance makes the price of $13.02 pretty reasonable.


  • LubriTec design.
  • Chromatic cutters.
  • Low vibration.
  • Heat-treated chain.
  • Large compatibility list.


  • Sometimes doesn’t fit the chainsaws mentioned in the list.

2. Oregon S62 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon chain saw chains Oregon S62 AdvanceCut

The next one on our list is another gem from Oregon. But this time, it is the S62 chainsaw chain. The engineering of this product was done while keeping homeowners and casual users of a chainsaw. So, if you’re a professional, you might want to steer clear of this.

Specifications and Performance

The S62 is a chainsaw chain for 18-bars that can finely cut through hard surfaces and provide you with a neat result. Whether you’re cutting down damaged trees or just conducting yard work, this chain will come in handy for all purposes.

Oregon 18 inch chainsaw chain, semi-chiseled chain consists of hardened rivets that contribute to increased durability and contains an outer layer of industrial chrome. The chrome makes it relatively easy for the chain to penetrate through rigid surfaces without much effort.

It also contains an automatic oiling technology that keeps it lubricated and boosts its efficiency. The low kickback generated from this chain makes it the best chainsaw chain for homeowners. The S62 contains a total of 62 drive links along with a pitch of 3/8-inches low profile and a gauge of 0.05-inches.


It doesn’t matter what kind of chainsaw you have because this chain seems to fit them all. This chainsaw chain is well suited with the Remington RM4218, Echo CS-400, CS-3000, CS-370, CS-2800, CS-2900, Craftsman 316.38090, Husqvarna 240, 137, 338XPT, and 136, among many other models.


The unique design of the S62 allows it to function with the lowest recoil and therefore grants you a smooth operation. I’d say this is a fair deal for $15.23 because it is also engineered to ensure the user’s safety and tolerates dust and dirt.


  • Retains sharpness
  • Automatic oiling.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Durable.
  • Neat finish.


  • Teeth are shorter than some other chains.

3. husqvarna chainsaw chains 18 inch

Husqvarna chainsaw chains(husqvarna 18 inch chainsaw)

Brace yourselves because the next model that we’re going to talk about is Amazon’s Choice product for Husqvarna chainsaw chains. I guess this title is enough to draw your attention, and therefore without any further ado, I’ll move to the details about the functionality of this product.

Specifications and Performance

If you are troubled about fatiguing fast while working with your chainsaw, then this chain is a match made in heaven for you. Not only does the engineering of this chainsaw chain guarantee to maximize your safety, but it also produces low recoiling vibrations so that you can use your energy more efficiently.

This 18-inches long chain comes with 72 drive links and a 0.325″ pitch. Along with that, the 0.050″ gauge leads to a neat cut effortlessly. The file size of the chain is 4.8 millimeters. You want a powerful yet swift amount. Then it would be best if you opted for this chainsaw chain by Husqvarna.


You can use this chain on several 18-inch chainsaw models by Husqvarna. Therefore, if you possess a 435(e), 440(e), 445(e), 450(e), replacement chain for Husqvarna 450 rancher, 543XP, 545(MII), or even a 550XP (MII), you’ll be about to purchase this chain without a second thought.


Although $20.16 may sound a lot for an 18-inch chainsaw chain, it certainly is not the most expensive one. The lightweight structure and incredible penetrating power make it worth every penny, and I’d sincerely advise you not to miss out on this one at any cost.


  • Fits some Husqvarna chainsaw models.
  • Lightweight.
  • Immensely sharp.
  • Less fatigue.
  • Engineered to ensure the safety of the user.
  • Minimum recoil.


  • Some customers have complained about misleading specifications on the packaging.
  • There has been criticism about the durability of these chains.

4. Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 16-Inches

Husqvarna chainsaws chains(husqvarna 16 inch chain)

Get ready to cut through hardwood like a hot knife through butter because the Husqvarna 16-inch chainsaw chain will turn your chainsaw into a fierce machine. Husqvarna is known for being one of the best suppliers of high-quality supplies, and this one is no different.

Specifications and Performance

The chain has a length of 16-inches and consists of 66 drive link it. Apart from that, a pitch of 0.325″ and a gauge of 0.050″ make it the perfect chain for cutting through the most solid piece of hardwood with ease. It also has a file size of 3/16 inches or 4.8 millimeters.

Husqvarna has always prioritized its customers’ safety, and therefore, the design of this chain will shield you from accidents. The low vibrating feature also contributes to ease of handling the lightweight chainsaws that we come across in the market today.


You’ll be glad to know that this chain is compatible with a number of16-inch Husqvarna saw chain models. It’ll easily fit the 435(e), 440(e), 445(e), 450(e), replacement chain for Husqvarna 450 rancher, 543XP, 545(MII), and 550XP (MII) chainsaws from the brand.


You can use this chainsaw chain for commercial purposes or occasionally as well. As a result, I think that the price tag of $19.99 is quite a sensible deal. I’m sure that this chainsaw chain for hardwood will impress you with its performance and durability, and you won’t regret paying that amount of money at all.


  • Easily sharpened.
  • Minimal recoil lessens fatigue.
  • Powerfully swift blades cut through hardwood within seconds.
  • Heavy-duty because it can function non-stop when the work pressure is more significant than usual.
  • Husqvarna designs them while making sure they’re safe for the users.


  • You may find other chainsaw chains that have a longer compatibility list than this one.

5. Oregon S62T AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon chain saw chains S62T AdvanceCut

Finally, I’m concluding the list with one of the best chainsaw chains you’ll get your hands on. And that is none other than the Oregon S62T AdvanceCut. Hold your breath because I’m going to introduce you to one of Oregon’s finest creations.

Specifications and Performance

If you are looking for a long-lasting chainsaw chain, then look no more because you’ve found the perfect one! This product is equipped with automatic oiling technology that boosts both its durability and productivity.

The S62T has 62 drive links and a pitch of 3/8 inches. The cutters are capable of retaining their sharpness due to an outer layer of industrial chrome. It makes it easy for the chain to cut through hardened surfaces without any difficulty. Moreover, you won’t have to make frequent tension adjustments as well.


One of the merits of purchasing Oregon chainsaw chains is that you can use them on many models from different brands. The names of these brands include but are not limited to Homelite, Poulan, Echo, Remington, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Kobalt, and McCulloch.


Because the S62T comes in a pack of two for only $21.93, it’s perfectly normal for me to label the price tag as decent. You’ll be getting two pieces of chains that are perfect for both DIY homeowners and arborists for that amount. I bet it can get any more reasonable than this.


  • LubriTec enhances durability by providing automatic lubrication.
  • Retains sharpness.
  • Rivets are hardened to improve the quality of the chain.
  • Fewer adjustments.
  • Powerful.
  • Low vibrations help reduce fatigue.


  • There have been complaints of one of the chains being damaged.
  • Sometimes the chains don’t fit the models that were said to be compatible.

Best Chainsaw Chain for Cutting Hardwood Buying Guide 

You can perform several tasks using your chainsaw. These include cutting down and repairing storm-damaged trees, chopping off and removing unwanted branches, and cutting pretty much any type o hardwood.

However, no matter how versatile your chainsaw is, it’ll be utterly useless without the proper chain. As a result, anything you attempt to do with your chainsaw will be messed up only because you failed to select the appropriate chain.

I understand that choosing a chainsaw chain can be quite a task for you. And therefore, if you want to avoid being perplexed, you must know what exactly you’re looking for in a chainsaw.

But you have nothing to worry about because I’ll rescue you from this trouble by imparting my wisdom about the different elements that make up the best chainsaw chain for hardwood.

About The Chainsaw Chain

While the chainsaw itself may seem like a virtual device, the chain is what completes it. Without the chain, the purpose of the chainsaw will not be serving. Let alone fulfill the job properly, a wrong chain can even harm the user with a powerful kickback.

It usually happens when the chainsaw gets stuck deep into a piece of wood or surface, leading to a substantial kickback. Therefore, you must keep in mind that focusing only on the sharpness of the cutters on the chain may lead to problems you might not have foreseen.

That’s why you should focus on many factors that will make the task speedy and deliver it smoothly.

Bar Length (chainsaw bar and chain combo)

The best chainsaw bar length 16 to 18-inch. If you don’t know it already, chains are designed for bars with a specific length. You can’t fit a single chain on chainsaws with different bar lengths. That’s because the chain should hold the bar perfectly. If the chain is too tight or loose, it won’t work and probably even damage your chainsaw.

Hence, the length of your chainsaw chain should match that of your bar. Usually, you can come across chainsaws with bar lengths starting from as low as 10-inches to as high as 24 inch chainsaw bar and chain. It means that you’ll have to make sure your chain also has a size of 10 to 24-inches, respectively.

In case you don’t know the length of the bar of the chainsaw that you own, whip out a measuring tape and note the distance between the tip to the beginning of the tool casing of the chainsaw.


There are four different chainsaw gauge sizes, which are .043, 0.50, .058, .063, with the lower sizes being the most common. You’ll notice that the guide bar on your chainsaw gives information about its gauge. Now, you must be wondering about what a meter is. You mustn’t overlook this information while shopping for a chainsaw chain. It is because the indicator is the dimension of the drive links in the chain.

If your chain’s gauge doesn’t match that of the chainsaw, be assured that the saw won’t function properly. A chain with less gauge than that of the bar will result in the chain slipping away and performing poorly. On the other hand, a chain with more gauges will not even fit your chain saw gauge.

Gauges are generally calculated in thousands of an inch, and the range is usually between 0.050″ to 0.063″.

drive links

Since a chainsaw chain consists of many elements, it’s perfectly normal for you to get confused about the purpose of drive links. You’ll find them at the end of the chain that emerges into the guide bar. The drive links will help you find an ideal replacement chain in case the original one wears out.

The number of drive links supported by your chainsaw and that of the new chain you’re going to purchase must be the same. You can seldom find the number of drive links on the guide bar itself.

However, most of the time, you’ll have to figure it out by yourself using different techniques. The most straightforward way to accomplish this task is to take the chain off and count the number of chainsaw chain drive links by hand.

Once you have that piece of information along with the other essential ones mentioned above, you’re all set to find a flawless replacement chain for your chainsaw.

cutter design

Best cutting chain for chainsaw. Although we’ve discussed many factors that you’ll have to consider while buying a chainsaw, the most important one remains. And that is the type of tooth in your chainsaw chain. It is because the accomplishment of your task depends mainly on how well the teeth work.

Choosing the right kind of teeth among the different options that you’ll come across is quite tricky. If you want to make the correct decision, you must be familiar with what each tooth is best for.

The first one that we’re going to talk about is the one with complete chisel teeth. These teeth are commonly found in the shape of a square and are pretty effective in slitting off the most complicated wood you’ll get your hands on.

However, their sharpness does not sustain if you use them over a long period. Therefore, if you do not plan on using your chainsaw occasionally, I suggest you steer clear of this.

Next, I’ll introduce you to the semi-chisel teeth, which are circular and can help you perform almost any kind of task. Although they don’t work their magic as swiftly as their full chiseled counterparts, they are better at retaining their sharpness even after prolonged use.

Finally, you can also go for a chipper. Although you were essential for chainsaw users, people have learned to adapt to the modern, more advanced options. However, you can still purchase them now, but they are the most suitable for trimming slim branches.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the top rated chainsaws chain?

I bet you’ll agree with the statement that determining the top chainsaw chain is no child’s play. There are thousands of manufacturers of such forestry equipment around the globe. Moreover, each brand crafts its models, keeping different targets in their minds.

For instance, if you purchase a chainsaw that works excellent on softwood, it might not be a good choice for usage on hard surfaces. On top of that, manufacturers release different chainsaws, the lengths of which can range from 10 to 24-inches.

Therefore, finding a suitable chain will be pretty tough. However, after a lot of consideration, I’ve concluded that Oregon makes the most fantastic chainsaw chains. It is because they’ve been in this business for more than six decades and have always managed to deliver top-notch accessories.

The tools they manufacture for forest management are high class in performance, longevity, and price. Their services are not limited to chainsaw chains only. You can also buy guide bars and chainsaws from them. The brand is so famous that its products are available worldwide.

Now, you must be wondering, what makes Oregon’s chainsaw chains superior to the rest? The answer to that, my friend, is that Oregon strengthens its chains with an outer layer of industrial chrome. As a result, not only are the blades sharper than ever, but they also manage to maintain their sharpness for a long time.

Furthermore, the cutters on the chains are heat-treated, enabling them to penetrate through the most complex kinds of wood within the blink of an eye. On top of that, the chains by Oregon are compatible with many other models from different brands, so it’ll be pretty convenient for you to use them on chainsaws from other manufacturers.

How to determine chainsaw chain size?

Even though you can buy a replacement chain for your chainsaw based on the information on your guide bar, there are chances that it may not fit perfectly. If you want to be precise while making the purchase, you’ll have to take the measurements yourself.

Since the length of your desired chain depends on the dimensions of the guide bar, you should use a tape measure to note down the distance between the point where the guide bar ends and the point where the bar emerges from the casing.

There’s no need for you to worry if you end up with the length in decimals. All you need to do is round the figure to the nearest whole number to find the perfect size for your replacement. You can buy chains as short as 10-inches to as long as 24-inches depending on your requirement.

Between these, chainsaw chains with lengths of 18-inches, 14-inches, 16-inches, and even 20 inch husqvarna chainsaw chain are also available so that you can go for either of them. But the task of determining the size of your chain doesn’t end here. The next step is to count the number of drive links on your old chain because you’ll have to purchase one with the same number.

If there’s an error with the drive links on your new chain, be assured that the chainsaw won’t perform well. Therefore, you must be very careful about matching the numbers while shopping for the new one. Some chainsaws have their pitch printed on the guide bar, but if yours doesn’t, here’s how you can calculate the angle using a straightforward method.

Just measure the difference in length between three successive rivets and then take half of the resulting figure as the pitch. Since the number of drive links and the rise is the two most important factors for finding the right side of the chain, you’re pretty much done.

What Is The Top Rated Chainsaw Chain For Hardwood?

As I’ve already said earlier, not all chainsaw chains are designed to cut through hardwood neatly. To do so, the engineering of the chain needs to be such that it effortlessly functions the best on the hardwood. Although many things depend on the model of chainsaw that you own, I’d say that the Oregon S62 AdvanceCut chainsaw chain is one that you cannot go wrong with if your bars are 18-inches long.

However, it would be best to keep in mind that the teeth in this chain are semi-chisel. So, if you’re more into entirely chiseled teeth or chippers, you might have to look for an alternative. Additionally, you must keep in mind that altogether chiseled teeth don’t take much time to wear out and lose their sharpness if you use them regularly.

As a result, you’ll have to change your chain frequently. And let’s be honest, it’s neither economically profitable nor is the energy required to change the chain or sharpen it every time worth it.

Therefore, although the circular, semi-chiseled teeth don’t work as fast as the full chiseled one, all the experts, including me, recommend you use them. It is because you won’t have to worry about the blades losing their razor-sharp ability to penetrate through hardwood, making them almost twice as durable.

If the size of your chainsaw doesn’t match the ones compatible with the Oregon S62, then I’d advise you to look for one that has specifications similar to this one. Only then can you get your hands on a standard, top-rated chainsaw chain.

How long does a chainsaw chain last?

The longevity of a chainsaw chain depends on how frequently you use it. Along with that, the quality of the material used to manufacture the machine and the level of maintenance you can provide also play a significant role in the durability of the chainsaw.

If your chainsaw model belongs to a reputed brand that uses vital components to build it, it will fight off rust and corrosion. That settles the part about the machine, but what about the chain? The element in the chain that undergoes the most usage is undoubtedly the teeth.

Luckily, there are some techniques that you can implement to increase the lifespan of the teeth. If you’re familiar with physics, you’ll know that when two surfaces constantly brush against each other, both of them experience friction, leading to the production of heat.

The teeth go through the same situation when they pierce through the wood. If you want to keep the sharpness of the teeth from fading, regularly lubricating them will be one of the best solutions. It will reduce the friction, and therefore, the generation of heat will also decrease dramatically.

Along with that, the durability of the chain also depends on the expertise with which you handle the machine. If you find yourself working with rocks and debris frequently, the possibility of the teeth wearing out becomes insanely high. You’ll have to learn to control how you use the chainsaw and be knowledgeable enough to know whether your chain needs to be sharpened.

One way to determine whether your chain is dulling is to see the kind of remains it produces. Sawdust and forceful exertions from your end are one such alarming example. Therefore, if you maintain your chain properly by lubricating it regularly and not using it on rock-solid surfaces like stones, you don’t have much to worry about.

What do the numbers on a chainsaw chain mean?

You’ll notice that there are several numbers engraved on chainsaw chains or printed on their packaging. These numbers will enable you to find a suitable substitute when it stops working efficiently. Most of the time, these numeric values correspond to the number of drive links, the pitch, and the gauge of the chain.

Chainsaw chain pitch

The pitch of a chainsaw chain is an estimation of the distance between the drive links on it. If you want to calculate the rise of a particular chain, measure the length of 3 links in a row, and divide the answer by two to calculate the pitch.

As you can already guess, the pitch is measured in units of distance which is mostly inches. They are expressed in either decimals or fractions such as 0.325-inches or 3/8-inches, respectively. You’ll also find a different version of the one with a pitch of 3/8-inch.

Those versions are swifter than the other in cutting wood because of the thin cutting width they feature. As a result, the energy required to operate the saw decreases, but the procedure speeds up.

Chainsaw gauge

In case you’re wondering if there’s a term to describe the width of the drive links, then I have the answer for you. It’s called the gauge of the chain, and it plays a vital role in the success of your task. If the gauge doesn’t match that of the guide bar, the chain won’t fit and may even be damaged eternally.

Number of Drive Links

You need to count the number of drive links in your chain. It is because measuring the overall length of the chain may generate incorrect results. However, the method of determining the number of drive links never goes wrong. Therefore, you can be entirely sure about your decision.

Top Chainsaw Chain

The factors discussed above will help you make an informed decision about the ideal chain for your chainsaw. Since I’ve executed my mission of letting you know about the significant components you should look out for, I hope you’ll not fail me. And the one that I know for sure is that if you choose a chain from the ones that we’ve listed above, you’re in for a win!

Finding The Right Chain For Your Chainsaw

By now, you should be aware that the first step to finding the best saw chain for hardwood is to know the length of the guide bar. All other characteristics will be utterly useless if you mess up this one. Once you know about the size, you can match all other attributes of the new chain with the old one, such as the chainsaw pitch and gauge.

Another important detail that I’d like for you to keep in mind is the compatibility of the chain with saws from other brands. Although it’s not necessary, it can be a great plus point for you. So, bid farewell to your worries regarding this issue because you can effortlessly find the perfect match for your chainsaw now.

Expert Tip

I can imagine the frustration that overcomes you when you forget the position of the tooth from which you started the sharpening process. However, I have a great tip up my sleeve about avoiding this mistake. Just mark the starting point with a marker or anything that’ll help you identify the spot, and you’re good to go!

Final Verdict and Recommendation

You see, there’s a trouble-free version of every chore that you come across in life. The key to completing it with ease is having enough knowledge of what you’re about to do. And that’s precisely what I’ve tried to do regarding your purchase of a chain. You’re now familiar with all the components that make the best chainsaw chain for hardwood, and I believe you’ll make the right choice.

However, in case you’re still confused, I have a soft corner for the ones from Oregon because not only are they strong, durable, and compatible with a ton of models, but they are also fairly reasonable. So if you’re unable to settle on one, go for one of Oregon’s chainsaw chains among the ones mentioned above.

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