Top 10 Best MiG Welder Under 500$ [Reviews and Buying Guide]

When thinking about welder, customers always feel that the good quality ones are costly and require you to sell a fortune. However, this guide will change your thought as you will get to know about the best MIG welder under 500 with features and functionalities that match the performance with the expensive ones.

You will get to know about MIG welders that are suitable for beginners and professionals for various purposes. Yet they cost under 500. Like the costly ones, these welders also come with valuable accessories to let you have a smooth welding experience.

Go through details of these best budget MiG welder. I have ensured to make this guide helps with other important information as well. If you are a beginner and will be purchasing a MIG welder for the first time, look at our buying guide, advantages and disadvantages, FAQs, and some tricks and tips listed after the ten products’ details.

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Top 10 Best MIG Welder Reviews under 500$ 2022

1. Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder 

Hobart Handler 140 Reviews

The best budget welder Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V is on top of our list because of its capability of performing heavy-duty. In addition, the construction of this Hobart welder is very durable by using quality materials.

This welder welds 24 gauge and goes up to ¼ part inside mild steel. With efficiency and using two welding processes, the welder welds aluminum, stainless steel, and standard steel. The welding processes used are MIG and flux-cored.

To have a smooth and stable welder’s voltage experience at all thickness, can control the welder’s voltage in 5 positions. As a result, the wire feed has a speed range of about 40 to 700 IPM. And at no load on the welder, the wire feed range has a speed range of about 50 to 740 IPM.

Some components that come in handy for smooth welding are including with the welder. Such as the dual gauge regulator with gas hose, power cord, material thickness gauge, contact tips that are 0.030 inches in size, 10 feet work cable with clamp included, and lastly, a spool of flux-cored wire.


  • Welds three types of metals.
  • Wire feed comes in a great speed range.
  • Perfect for performing heavy duty with the welding processes.
  • The welder can operate using 115 V household current.


  • This welder runs on an AC power supply only.

2. Super Deal PRO Commercial MIG Welder Welding Machine

Super Deal MIG Welder Welding Machine

Super Deal PRO Commercial Welding Machine is on the second on our list because of the versatility. It can carry out welding without any hassle because of being flux-cored. The welder’s weight is about 38 pounds which is lightweight enough; you don’t have to exert any pressure on your hands. Besides just being lightweight, the product is compact enough to store and carry around easily.

Depending on the type of metal you are welding, you can easily adjust the wire feed’s variable speed. The minimum and maximum amount of switches help you to make necessary adjustments according to your requirement. The welder easily welds through metals that have a thickness of about 3/8inches 0f 16 gauges.

To help you weld any metal with precision, the welder comes with a 2.5 M torch built-in. The torch comes with a switch that has a durable metal tip on top of it. To help you maintain your welder, accessories such as a chipping wire brush and spool wire. For your protection, welding protection is included.


  • Adjustable wire feed speed.
  • The lightweight and compact design make welding easy.
  • The lightweight and compact design make welding easy.
  • It comes with a built-in torch.
  • It has the capability of performing heavy duty with efficiency.


  • The flux core wire of this welder is thin.

3. VIVOHOME Portable MIG 130 Welder Machine

VIVOHOME Portable Mig Welders Review

VIVOHOME Portable 130 Welder Machine is for those who want a welder that can precisely weld mild steel and stainless steel. It is suitable for use for household purposes only since it cannot handle metal with thickness. To give thin metals a professional finish and to provide body parts of auto vehicles, this welder is perfect for purchasing.

It works with a standard power outlet, so you can easily connect it to any socket of your home that gives 110 output. For an easy and convenient welding experience, the welder has a handgrip that you can hold onto while working or carrying. In addition, the welder’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to store in your homes and makes it portable.

For welding thin stainless steel and sheets of aluminum smoothly, the welder comes with four levels of current flow settings. The settings can be adjusted easily using four buttons. Depending on the metal’s thickness, you can adjust the speed by choosing from 10 different intensities.

Accessories included with the package helps you to weld metals like professionals. For your safety, a welding gun with safety control and a helmet comes with the product. Small accessories like a grounding clamp, welding wire brush, and many more things added.


  • Wire feed adjustable to 10 different speeds.
  • Current flow can be controlled using four levels.
  • The welder can freely be connected to a standard power outlet of your household.
  • Lightweight and compact for easy portability.


  • Can operate this welder with DC supply only.
  • Not suitable for welding thick metals.

4. Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder

Forney Mig Welder Reviews

Forney Easy 298 Arc Welder, as the name suggests, is easy to operate, making it perfect to use for welding things yourself, for repairing, maintenance, and accomplishing any hobby you have. It has an “easy start technology,” which makes welding for beginners hassle-free. In addition, it has no foot pedal operation, so you don’t need to worry much about using it.

The welder makes it perfectly suitable for use in households. The welder connects to any wall socket that provides 120-volt input. Even though this welder is for beginners, it will give you an excellent smooth and professional finish. It has a great metal handling capacity of cutting 1/8-inch sized rod and even metal with a thickness of about 16 gauge.

Welder gives you a very convenient experience. The welder is lightweight well constructed to be light. You can easily carry it as it is highly portable. You can attach a TIG torch to the welder anytime you want, which is sold separately for more added convenience. Overall, for beginners who love doing DIYs, this welder is perfect for giving a thought.


  • Indicator LED that lights up when voltage runs.
  • For safety, a LED light is there that lights up if there is a thermal overload.
  • Knob included controlling current flow.
  • Two operating processes.
  • It comes with a selector switch that lets you select between the two processes.


  • The welder cannot perform heavy duty while running on low amperage.

5. Goplus MiG 130 welder reviews

Goplus MiG 130 Welder Reviews

Goplus MIG 130 Automatic Feed Welder helps to serve you for a very long time because of the durable construction. The welder built of heavy-duty stainless steel painted well so that it does not come off. In addition, the welder has a flux-cored wire consisting of a metal that self-releases gas while welding to prevent oxidation.

The welder is very versatile as you can accomplish a lot of household tasks. You can weld standard thin sheets of iron for making DIY stuff. You can use the welder for repairing general things in your household and get a professional finish after welding. For easy portability, the welder comes with a carrying handle and is very lightweight.

Depending on what you are welding, Can adjust the welder’s speed to up to 4 levels. The welder features four levels of current flow that can change with four buttons. The wire feedings speeds have ten levels to choose from for various metals that you weld.

To give you the flexibility of moving around, the welder comes with a long cord that is about 72.5 inches. Furthermore, for your safety, the welder comes included with a mask, and it has the feature of automatically shutting down after getting heated up.


  • It has durable steel body construction for longevity.
  • It has an Adjustable wire feed speed and current flow rate.
  • This welder is a lightweight product, and the design is compact for easy portability.
  • It comes with a handle for ease of carrying.
  • It comes with essential accessories included.


  • The welder cannot perform heavy duty since it cannot weld thick metal.

6. SUNGOLDPOWER MiG 200Amp Welder Machine


SUNGOLDPOWER MIG 150A Welder comes with features that make it a perfect welder for use in both household and commercial places. This welder does not need any gas for operating, which helps save up your bucks since fuel consumption is not cost-effective. In addition, the welder has a flux wire welding process to prevent any gas consumption.

For performing heavy duty and to last long, the welder includes solid and durable stainless steel. For the safety of the welder, it comes with a thermal protection system. The welder shuts off automatically when it heats up after welding for long hours. And for you, welding wire and mask are included that make it suitable for using the welder outdoors.

Depending on the metal and thickness, you can adjust the speed of the welding accordingly. You can increase it or decrease it according to your requirement. The welder is suitable for welding mild steel and sheets of iron. You get to control the current flow with power settings as the welder has a range starting from 80 to 150 Amp.


  • It comes with a torch included for easy welding.
  • Build using stainless steel.
  • The welder does not require gas for operation.
  • Requires 110V for operation, making it suitable for household and outdoor use.
  • Clear user manual included for easy setup.


  • Not suitable for welding aluminum.

7. LOTOS MIG175 175AMP MiG Welder

Lotos 175 AMP Mig Welder Review

LOTOS MIG175 175AMP MiG Welder allows you to get a professional and smooth finish while welding as it has excellent features for accomplishing it. The wire feeder is built of high-quality aluminum durable and gives you a better experience while welding.

For welding aluminum sheets, you get a MIG spool gun included that operates at high speed and comes with a wire that is about 10 feet 4 inches in length. Besides welding aluminum, the product can also weld stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, iron, and any other metal.

To handles wire spools that have an industrial standard, the welder comes with transformer technology. This incredible technology by LOTUS has proved that the product is durable. Furthermore, adding more durability that the welder has a long life, the welder comes with easily resettable overload protection.

You can easily set up the welder, and it requires only 10 minutes. You can use the usual 220V outlet present in your home for operating the welder. Using the welder indoors and outdoors, you need to stay safe, and for that, a welding mask is included with the welder.


  • The welder has adjustable current flow and wire feed speed.
  • It takes only ten minutes to set up.
  • It comes with a handle for easy carrying.
  • Durable and reliable transformer technology.


  • The sound of the drive motor is loud.

8. LOTOS 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder

Lotos 140 mig Welder Reviews

LOTOS MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder is built to give you a better welding experience at an affordable price. The durable and high-quality wire feeder gives you stability. To give your assurance about the welder’s quality, it comes with a money-back guaranty if you are not satisfied with the product’s performance within 30 days.

You can easily adjust the speed and voltage with the two digital displayers’ help for precision welding. The display shows you the wire speed to prevent any hassle of wire getting tangled and crushed. To add more safety, the welder comes with thermal overload protection.

You don’t need to exert pressure on your finger with this welder. The welder comes with a 2T(Manual)/4T(Semi-auto) switch. The semi-auto button allows you to release your finger from the control if you have to do welding for a long time.

We like this welder for its versatility. It can be easily used for welding stainless steel and aluminum by combining it with a spool gun and many other metals. However, this welder runs on 140 amps, which does not make it suitable for heavy-duty.


  • It comes with essential components: a gas hose, welding mask, wire, MIG torch, argon regulator, and a ground Clamp Cable.
  • Allows you to adjust settings with two displayers.
  • Easy to set up and use as it connects with a 110 or 120-volt wall outlet.
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.


  • It does not come with a spool gun included.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty.

9. Lincoln Electric K2278-1 Handy Core

LincolnElectric Handy Core Reviews

Lincoln Electric K2278-1 Handy Core welder is perfect for beginners and for those who keep doing DIYs. The welder has been designed to be lightweight for ease in use and portability. In addition, the welder includes the necessary accessories that you will need and requires a straightforward setup process when you bring it out of the box.

The necessary accessories included are a spool, flux-cored wire, hand shield for safety, chipping hammer, and a gun. With all of these, you are getting a 1-year warranty from Lincoln for assuring you of the quality. In addition, to ensure that this welder long-lasting, it has an auto shut-off feature that works when the welder gets close to overheating.

For mild welding steel, this welder is a great choice. It welds mild steel that is 18 gauge to 1/8 inches in thickness, giving a professional and smooth finish. Furthermore, the welder’s longevity has a cold contractor feature that safely keeps the wire cool. The welder might be for beginners and welding thin metals, but it has a durable construction consisting of an aluminum exterior, so it lasts you for very long.


  • It does not require gas for welding.
  • You can afford solid and durable construction at an affordable price.
  • A simple setup required beginners can do that.
  • The product can be easily operated using the electrical supply of homes.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty.
  • It cannot weld thick metals.

10. ARKSEN MIG-130 Welding Machine

ARKSEN Mig 130 Welding Machine Review

ARKSEN MIG-130 Welding Machine is designed to give you a convenient welding experience by making all sorts of necessary adjustments. The welder’s wire feeding speed can be adjusted to levels according to your choice and the metal that you are welding. Using the ten stories, you can weld steel, iron, prepare DIYs, repair things in your house, and many other purposes.

The size of the welder is mini to make it lightweight and compact for easy storage and portability. Even if it is small in size, the welder can obtain a smooth and professional finish while welding. For long-time welding, the machine comes with two air vents that dissipate the heat to ensure that the welder is long-lasting.

For additional safety, automatic thermal protection causes the machine to shut down when overheating occurs. Thus, it can be used at home and outdoors as well. The no gas operation makes the welder easy to use for beginners. Those who will be using the welder in their homes can connect it to 115 Volts wall mount effortlessly.


  • Easy to handle, making it suitable for beginners.
  • It comes with ten levels of wire feed speed.
  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • The product maintains safety with thermal overload protection.


  • The instructions in the manual are not very clear.
  • Not suitable for use in industrial tasks.

How do you set up a metal Inert Gas Welder?

Setting up a Metal Inert Gas Welder requires a smooth and professional finish while welding any metal. If you don’t set up a MIG welder correctly, the welds beads will be very fragile and brittle. Hence, we have listed down below some essential steps to follow to set up your welder correctly.

Preparing the joint

To ensure that you weld properly, you need to prepare the joint of the MIG welder. The presence of oil, rust, or paint on the collective’s surface will result in poor welding.

The weld area should be cleaned carefully to remove rust or dirt. Cleaning is essential to prevent dirt joints from getting burnt. However, it can result in accidents as well because dirty joints can result in a fire started.

Choosing the right components

For using a MIG welder, the main components that you need are gas and filler wire. First, however, you need to find the right type of filler wire and gas to ensure that your welder is set up correctly for welding any metal.

Adjusting your welder Correctly.

Different metals have different properties and thicknesses. Thinking about these aspects, you need to adjust your welder’s current flow and speed correctly.

These are some of the essential and basic steps to follow for setting up a MIG welder. Ensure that you keep these steps in mind while setting up a welder to ensure that your working experience goes smooth.

MIG Welding Advantages

MiG welders are loved for having many advantages that give the user a professional and smooth welding experience. Have a look at these advantages.

Higher Productivity

Welder enjoys MIG welding because of higher productivity, saving up a lot of time. In addition, there is no requirement to change the rods of the welding machine repeatedly because of higher productivity.

There is no requirement to brush the weld constantly. You can work quickly and in a clean way with a MIG welding machine.

Easy to Learn

MIG welders are perfect for beginners as it is straightforward to operate, so you don’t take much time to learn. Reading proper instructions and following some steps is enough for using a MIG welder. And you already know that you don’t have to spend much time cleaning it, so you get a hassle-free experience.

Simple & Great Welds

MIG welders are very simple to operate as it has an auto-feed wire system. The product helps you get better control when you weld metal and ensures that your welding has a smooth and good-looking finish.

Clean & Efficient

MIG welders are efficient as they provide arc protection to ensure minimum loss of alloying elements when metal is welded. Clean welding is provided as very little spatter is made, and there is no need to remove any slag. You don’t need to clean up much, so a significant amount of your time gets saved.


Versatility is one of the most significant advantages of MIG welders. It can be used for different welding kinds of metals, making it suitable for industrial purposes. You can use MIG for welding aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium, mild steel, nickel, copper, iron, and also alloys of these metals.

Faster Welding Speed

As you don’t have to keep cleaning the weld, you will see how speedily you can weld metals with a MIG welder. Variable speeds are available for welding various types of metals without any hassle.

Disadvantages of MIG Welding

A few disadvantages are below


MIG welders are costly because of having a complex design. Furthermore, it requires shielding gas, nozzles, replaceable tips, and electrodes which cause the price to increase.

Limited Positions

MIG welder using for vertical and overhead welding only. That is because of the high heat input and the fluidity that the welding paddle consists of.

Unsuitable for Outdoor Welding

MIG welders are not suitable for the outdoors as they are not portable. In addition, it uses shielding gas which can be affected by the wind and can result in the welding not happen appropriately.

What to consider before buying a MIG welder

MIG welders are not something that you can purchase now and then. You need to invest a good amount of your budget into it. For that, you need to make sure that you get the right MIG welder by considering some essential factors.

I have included some of the essential aspects you need to consider and the details to help you out. Th ensures that you make the right decision while investing your valuable money in purchasing any specific MIG welder.


You will need to choose a MIG welder with a variable amperage for different welding types of metals. Controlling the amperage will help you get a smooth welding finish.


Choose a MIG welder compatible with the input voltage available at the sites you will be welding. For example, suppose if you have a wall mount that delivers 110 or 120 volts. Choose a MIG welder that will take in 110 or 120 voltage.


Before you invest your money in buying a specific Mig welder, you need to think about the purposes you will be using the welding machine.

Analyzing the purposes and the duties you have to accomplish will help you judge if a specific welder you liked is suitable or not for those purposes.

Duty Cycle

You have to pick a MIG welder depending on your duty cycle. If you need a welder heavy-duty for industrial purposes, choose a MIG welder to take the pressure.

For simple DIYs and household repairing, you can select a MIG welder suitable for such a light-duty cycle. Also, to ensure that your MIG welder lasts you long, you need to plan your duty cycles.

If you keep exerting pressure and the welder gets overheated. e This can harm its performance and longevity.

Power Outlets

For flexibility and convenience, you need to consider a MIG welder that supports almost all power outlets. In addition, the product ensures that you can use the welder at your homes, industry, or commercial site.

As most power outlets provide an input voltage of about 110 or 120, choose a MIG welder compatible with this voltage. The best 220v MIG welder under 500 are using any outlets of the home.

Thermal Protection

The thermal protection feature makes the welder automatically shut down when it gets overheated to prevent accidents. It is to ensure that users stay safe when they need to use a MIG welder for heavy-duty.

Not all MIG welders come with the thermal protection feature. Even if this feature’s price can be slightly high, it is better to get a MIG welder with this feature for the welding machine’s safety and longevity.


Think about your best budget welder and choose a good quality welder accordingly. Then, look for MIG welder options that fall within your account. So you can come to the correct decision about which MIG welder you wish to get.


MIG welders have a warranty for about 2 to 5 years. The warranty period also helps you judge the durability. As the more extended the contract, the more durable it is.

Accessories that You Necessitate to Have for the Best MIG Welding

Other than just having the best MIG welder under 500, you need some essential accessories. Without these necessary accessories, you will not be able to weld and get your desired result.

Hence, I have listed some basic accessories and their importance to ensure that you have the best welding experience.

Gas Cylinder

It would be best if you had a gas cylinder to produce shielding gas that helps prevent the molten weld pool from getting exposed to the oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen present in the atmosphere.

The molten weld pool’s reaction with these elements can create issues like making holes in the weld bead or causes the production of excessive spatter.


The regulator is for users to know the flow rate of shielding gas passing through the hose. So you get to control the flow rate of the shielding gas according to your requirement.


To ensure that you weld with precision when you repair or make DIYs, you need to see. For that, your MIG welder should come included with a torch, and even if it doesn’t, it should be compatible for a torch to be attached to it.

Welding Mask

A welding mask is for the user’s safety as it protects your cornea from getting inflamed and your face from getting burned from radiation. Get MIG welders that come with a welding mask included or purchased them separately.

Clothing Clean

To stay protected from UV radiation, sparks, flames, and hot molten metals, you need to wear heavyweight and protective clothing made up of 100% wool or cotton.

It would be best to make sure that your clothes are clean and do not have any oil, grease, or volatile components.

Tips and Tricks for MIG Welding

To have a proper welding experience, you have to follow some essential tricks and tips. I have listed down these tips and tricks to have a smooth MIG welding on your metal.


If you want your welding time to go smooth, you must clean the metal’s surface before working on it. If the body is covered in dirt, oil, and accumulated grime, these contaminants can get trapped in the weld and result in holes. So always begin welding by cleaning first.

Check if you have a smooth flow of electricity.

For smooth welding, the welding arc needs a smooth flow of electricity that passes through a complete circuit. Therefore, you need to ensure that the welding ground is near the turn to prevent the current from flowing differently.

For having the welding ground positioned correctly, you need to attach a clamp to the very close metal to the arc.

Makes sure the wire sticking out is short.

Keep in mind that the distance of the wire sticking out at the end of the gun should be in the middle of 1/4 and 3∕8 inches. This simple length of the wire sticking out at the contact tip will determine how smooth is your MIG welding.

Use your hands correctly.

For having proper control over your welding machine, you need to use both of your hands. In addition, to make sure that you don’t burn your hands, you need to wear heat-resistant welding gloves.

Replace contact tips

Don’t keep using worn-out contact tips as they will not let you weld properly. Contact tips are not expensive. You can easily keep a pack of contact tips for replacing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best MIG welder for the money?

Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder is the best one for the money. That is why I have included it at the top of our list. It is best for users who need a heavy-duty MIG welder to give a smooth and professional finish.

For the money you invest in it, you get many features. One of the best features is that the welder welds metal with a thickness of about 24 gauge. The welder’s capacity to handle metal with this amount of consistency makes it perfect for industrial purposes.

What is the best cheap MIG welder?

Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST, 120-Volt, 90-Amp is the best cheap welder on my list. It has an affordable price and is perfect for use in household work. If you are someone who loves doing DIYs, then this welder is for you.

It smoothly welds thin metals and gives a smooth finish, making it suitable for repair work as well. However, you cannot use it for heavy-duty, industrial purposes and welding thick metals. Exerting it more than its capacity will reduce its longevity.

Which MIG welder is the best for the auto body?

VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire No Gas MIG 130 Welder is the perfect one on my auto body list. Autobodies are made up of thin metals. For that, this MIG welder is a professional in welding thin metal smoothly and professionally.

What is the best MIG welder for a beginner?

Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder is suitable for a beginner because of how easy and hassle-free it is to operate. For beginners to learn to weld, they don’t need to purchase a very expensive welder.

That is why it is cheap for beginners to practice with it first and then go for costly and professional MIG welders.

What’s the most complicated metal to weld?

Aluminums is the most complicated metal to weld. You will need a spool gun along with a MIG welder for welding aluminum.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

To sum up, I have tried my best to enlighten you about the ten best MIG welders under 500 that you can find in the market. Getting to see the details of these ten welders compiled together will help you compare and decide to choose the right one for yourself.

Even if choosing the right one is yours, I would like to recommend two products for a beginner and a professional. So, for the professionals going for the Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder would be the right decision because of the features it has for heavy-duty and welding thick metals.

For beginners, I would recommend the Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder. This MiG welder is perfect for beginners because of how easy it is to operate. After recommendations, you can take the buyer’s guide’s help, where we have listed down details about some essential aspects that you need to keep in mind for making the right decision.

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