10 Best Toilet Flush Valve Kits of 2022: How to Choose the Right One

The flush valve is a small device that connects the toilet to the water supply line. The device consists of a flapper, which floats in a chamber in the toilet tank. The flapper seals against the rim of the bowl when it is full, allowing it to be flushed down the toilet.

A toilet flush valve is a mechanism that lets water out of the tank and into the bowl. Without a working flush valve, your toilet will not function correctly. This article will take you through how to find the best toilet flush valve kit and what you should consider before buying one.

10 Best Toilet Flush Valve Repair Kits 

1. Fluidmaster Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit

Fluidmaster Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit

Fluidmaster produces toilet fill valves and flapper repair kits that are designed to fix problems with your toilet and save you money in the long run. They offer several lines of products, each of which is designed to improve the quality of your bathroom experience.

This kit includes a fluidmaster toilet fill valve and flapper repair set, both of which are made with quality materials. Restoring the function of your toilet will bring about many positive changes to the look and taste of your bathroom’s brand new or already renovated home or business venture.

Fluidmaster’s innovative valve kit features a simple design that makes it easy to install. All you have to do is remove the nasty fill hose and insert this nifty mechanism into your bowl. Fluidmaster toilets are also well-known for their low maintenance levels, which saves you money on upkeep costs every year as long as your lid sits snugly in its place! This really comes down to choosing an effective solution for removing any old flapper or ensuring proper ventilation for the toilet tank.

Universal Design: The Fluidmaster 400CRP14 toilet fill valve adjusts easily from 9”- 14” inches, fits most 2”-inch flush valve toilets, and is ideal for use in 1.6 to 3.5 gallons per flush toilet or larger.

Easy to Install: The kit comes with everything you need for a quick and easy installation. Easily installs in 10 minutes.

Corrosion-Resistant and Rust-Proof: Microban antimicrobial protection. Anti-microbial material prevents breakdown and leaks due to bacteria, chlorine and hard water.

Made from Premium Materials: This valve is made from durable plastic that resists-corrosion and wears over time, and its brass construction ensures long-lasting performance even under extreme conditions..

2. Fluidmaster Universal All-in-One Toilet Repair Kit

Fluidmaster Universal All in One Toilet Repair Kit

With the Fluidmaster Toilet Repair Kit, you can easily and effectively fix your toilet’s flapper, making sure it doesn’t continue to fail. Once you’ve installed the Fluidmaster Toilet Repair Kit, your toilet will regularly be able to flush in a timely and consistent fashion.

This kit includes a fluidmaster toilet fill valve, flapper repair set, and lid hinge adapter. The slim design of the valve makes it easy to install in any standard toilet configuration with no need for the professional help from your plumber or handyman.

Universal Design: The Fluidmaster 400 model toilet fill valve adjusts easily from 9”- 14” inches, fits most 2”-inch flush valve toilets, and is ideal for use in 1.6 to 3.5 gallons per flush toilet or larger. Designed for ease of use, the kit comes with a detailed instruction manual that explains how to fix your toilet’s problems step by step.

The kit Includes Everything you need: the flexible fill valve, flapper assembly and handle repair tool are all included in this set so there is no more searching around for replacement parts or tools when you need them most!

Restores overall Toilet Performance: The toilet repair kit contains everything you need to fix your leaky flapper, replace a broken handle or repair the fill valve and flush valve.

High Performance Flapper: PerforMAX Flapper maximizes water usage with each flush. Advanced flapper technology provides more (2”-inch adjustable water-saving toilet flapper) water savings than standard flappers, while also reducing the risk of clogging and leakage.

Easy to Install: The kit comes with everything you need for a quick and easy installation. Easily installs in 10 minutes.

3. Kohler Genuine Part Silent Fill Valve Kit

Kohler Genuine Part Silent Fill Valve Kit

The Kohler Silent Fill Valve Kit is one of the most powerful and energy-efficient fill valves that we offer. This valve is designed with a fantastic GHP™ to handle for maximum control and comfort. Additionally, the Silent Fill Valve has been designed with a fill-valve that works without any noise and fluid leakage.

But what makes the kohler toilet parts particularly useful is its patented design that helps to eliminate noise and smooth your water’s performance.The kit includes a Silent Fill Valve, handle gasket and O-ring, GHP™ bearing cartridge for quick installation.

If you are in need of a replacement for your cracked flapper, or if you are trying to find ways to save energy and comfort while installing the Silent Fill Valve, then look no further.

Innovative Design: Kohler’s designs are available in a wide range of styles and colors. The products are renowned for their innovative design, with a focus on ergonomics, performance, and aesthetics.

Overall Performance: Fill the tank quietly, with no clanking or dripping sounds. Your water pressure and temperature are automatically adjusted by the unit’s sensors so you can enjoy a body soak without worrying about a leaky faucet or hot water running out before your time is up.

Installation: Easy to install, Adjustable to accommodate any height.

4. Kohler Genuine Part Toilet Canister Flush Valve Kit

Kohler Genuine Part Toilet Canister Flush Valve Kit

Kohler Toilet Canister Flush Valve Kit The Kohler Company is an international manufacturer of bathroom products that include bathtubs and toilets, as well as fixtures and accessories.

The kohler toilet flush valve Kit fits the bottom half, both left and right, of all standard two-piece models. As a replacement valve assembly, it is made from high-quality materials that offer great durability at a more attractive cost.

The kit includes an old-fashioned flapper-style toilet flush canister fill valve with ball float weight to assist in balancing against gravity while ensuring water pressure is tuned up properly so no leaks are issues. Although it is a universal fit replacement for most toilets, please verify compatibility with your toilet before ordering.

Water-Saving: Canister flush valve reduces water usage by 30% compared to standard toilet flapper valve

Durable and Long Lasting: Made of durable plastic, it is rust-resistant and easy to clean with warm soapy water or a non-abrasive cleaner like Simple Green.

Easy to Install: A stylish and durable canister with a 3 inches outlet. Use this item if you are replacing an existing toilet seat or lid and need the tank to bowl gasket as well.

5. Fluidmaster PerforMAX Universal All-in-One Toilet Repair Kit

Fluidmaster PerforMAX Universal All-in-One Toilet Repair Kit

Fluidmaster PerforMAX is a universal toilet repair kit that allows you to repair leaks fast and easily. This toilet repair kit includes everything needed to fix stubborn and common problems that plagued toilets previously.

Made with durable parts and a reliable design, it works on most two-piece toilets in your home. This toilet repair kit comes with all the necessary replacement parts, ranging from O-rings to gaskets that are made of strong rubber for lasting use. The Fluidmaster is designed for all 2 in. toilets including Kohler, Toto, American Standard and more.

Further, the unit has a self-contained tank that is perfect for restricting water usage.

Universal Design: Fluidmaster PerforMAX toilet fill valve is ideal for use in high efficiency 1.28 to 1-6 gallons per flush toilets. Adjusts easily from 10 – 15 inches. It has an adjustable flow control that allows you to adjust the amount of water being released into your toilet bowl.

Keeps your Toilet Running Like New: Fluidmaster repairs and replaces the old, inefficient fill and flush valves, leaky flappers, and broken toilet handle to make your toilet run like new.

High Performance Flapper: PerforMAX 507AK Flapper is the latest technology in toilet flappers, which provides up to 30% more water savings compared with standard flappers. Eliminates ghost flushing and eliminates problems with the toilet seat rising.

Easy Installation: It installs easily on most 2-inch or 3-inch ball valves and includes everything you need to install it yourself

Warranty: 7-Year warranty.

6. Next by Danco Water-Saving Toilet Repair Kit

Next by Danco Water-Saving Toilet Repair Kit

This Next by Danco repair kit will surely save you money on water and ease your mind from worrying about that constant gush of water. The kit comes with a complete set and you can even adjust the water level if needed. The kit also has a quick disconnect wand for easy removal of the tank when you need to drain it.

When compared to traditional styles, these toilet repair kit eliminates expensive water being wasted from over-flushing and can help save up on your utility bills as well.

Save Money on your Water Bill: A dual-flush toilet saves up to 30% of the amount of water used by a standard flush toilet.

Eliminates Toilet Leaks: Eliminates problems caused by worn-out parts, including a worn-out flapper, handle, or faulty flapper chain.

Dual-Flush Handle: The Quick Flush feature uses significantly lower water volumes than other flush settings. The most efficient flush setting for liquids and paper – the setting needed 4 out of 5 times.

Compatibility: Works with standard 2”  inch. Flush valves are designed to be installed on the inside of a tank lid and must have at least a 10-inch minimum clearance from the highest point of the flush valve opening to the inside of the tank lid. not compatible with Mansfield toilets valve or other non-standard systems such as some gravity fill models.

Complete kit: Two products together for a better result: HYR270 Dual Flush Toilet Valve and HC660 HydroClean fill valve are designed with different functions, so they work well together in improving your toilet’s efficiency as well as its appearance, making it look new again. Dual flush toilet repair parts available.

Quick and Easy Installation: The kit comes with everything you need for an easy, 5-10 minutes installation in any standard one or two-piece toilet bowl (sold separately).

Completely Sealed System: No leaks or spills to worry about! Our full flush button has been tested in an EPA certified laboratory for leakage, rusting, corrosion and other potential issues before it was even sold to the public by Danco Industries.

7. Next by Danco Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit

Next by Danco Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit

Made from premium components, this Next by Danco fill valve repair kit is made to fix leaky toilet tank filling valves. It works with all 2-piece toilets and vastly reduces water usage while increasing your household’s comfort levels.

The kit also adds extra protection against future leakage as it ensures everything will be snugly in place after installation so you have nothing but peace of mind that your delicate pipes are protected at all times. In addition, it has a leak test indicator to help identify leaks.

Next by Danco Toilet Tank Drain Repair Kit, This Next by Danco tank drain repair kit is made with durable parts that aid in eliminating the cause of those annoying flushes without wasting water. These toilet repair kits are perfect for repairing problems involving weakened and misaligned fill valves as well as weak drains or leaking tanks.

Water-Saving: The water level is controlled by a built-in mini-valve that adjusts the tank refill water level to prevent overflow, waste, and leakages from happening in your bathroom or home!

Detects Leaks: It is designed with an integrated leak detection system that alerts you of any potential issues that must be addressed before they become serious problems.

Cleaning Jets: The powerful jets make sure to get rid of any debris before it reaches the drain, leaving you with clean water every time you flush.

Easy Adjustments: Is adjustable from 11 inches to 13.8 inches in height so that it can be used on all faucets.

Easy to Install: The nut and bolt kit is designed for easy installation without tools in most standard toilets.

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty.

8. Fluidmaster PerforMAX Toilet Flush Valve Repair Kit (Bowl Bolts & Gasket kit)

Fluidmaster PerforMAX Toilet Flush Valve Repair Kit

This kit includes everything you need to repair a Fluidmaster flush valve and save money in the long run. A flush valve that can handle most common toilet repairs. Durable flapper assembly with replaceable gasket. Adjust the water flow to your desired level for added comfort and efficiency. The Fluidmaster works with most toilets and comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions and no tools are required.

Universal Design: 1. For use in 3.5 gallons per flush toilets. Fits most two-piece toilet flush valves. Made from premium quality materials and is durable for long lasting performance.

Corrosion-Resistant: The 502 2-inch flapper is designed to fit most faucets and features corrosion/hard water-resistant materials.

Enhances your Toilet’s Power: Replaces the old fill valve with bolts and gasket to repair a leaking toilet tank and optimize flush performance.

Quick and Easy Installation: Our flush valve installs in minutes with no tools required, making it the perfect choice for any homeowner looking to save time or money on plumbing repairs or replacements.

Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty.

9. American Standard Flush Valve Seal Kit

American Standard Flush Valve Seal Kit

This flapper seal kit is designed for use with American Standard tank-style toilets. It’s made of durable material and easy to install, making this flush valve leak repair an affordable option that keeps your toilet water usage at a minimum while still providing the options needed in normal daily bathroom chores.

Maytag Flush Valve Repair Kit This Maytag flush valve repair kit includes everything you need to keep your existing device working properly as well as get rid of the most common problems with flappers and fill valves. It can also help to get rid of soggy toilet seats, annoying toilet paper sneaking through the holder, or any other small issues that may plague you in your bathroom.

Durable and Lasting Performance: We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that our products will last for years. Fits all standard and most popular sizes of faucets.

Easy to Install: It’s as simple as installing one replacement cartridge for your existing faucet (or replacing an entire faucet) and adding. simply screw the flapper into place on your toilet tank and connect the refill clip with a flat gasket between it and your toilet bowl wall.

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty.

10. Fluidmaster Universal PerforMAX Toilet Flush Valve Repair Kit

Fluidmaster Universal PerforMAX Toilet Flush Valve Repair Kit

The solution to flush valve problems that don’t require replacing the entire unit. If your toilet is leaking, you can use this repair kit to get it working again. Durable and long lasting ABS plastic seat with rubber flapper designed to last and defer leaks. Allows for a more precise adjustment of water flow, resulting in less splashing and better performance. Sticks to the existing flush valve seat at a slight angle, allowing you to use your current toilet handle or lever with ease. The Fluidmaster attaches to the existing overflow tube and can be connected by chain to the existing overflow tube.

The Fluidmaster Universal PerforMAX toilet flush repair kit gives you the ability to fix leaks, streaks, and small problems with your tank-style toilet. The part of this kit that helps you get at a busted flapper or leaky valve is unique in its design; it includes an adjustable wrench so that you can make accurate adjustments to help keep wetting down for daily use.

Universal Design: Flush Valve Repair Kit has a universal design that fits all brands of toilets, tubs and urinals including American Standard (AS), Kohler (KOHLER), York Brass/Valterra(VALTERRA). This repair kit is designed to fit all 1.28 HET, 2” and 3” flush valves for everything from 1.28 HET to 3.5 GPF models.

Save Water and Save Money: Save up to 20% on monthly water bills with this easy-to-install replacement flapper valve!

Corrosion-Resistant: The flush valve kit is made from corrosion resistant materials and includes 2 handles for easy removal and installation of the valve handle

Easy to Install: Installation is quick and easy, no tank removal required

Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty.


  • Durable ABS plastic rubber flapper and seat for durability.
  • A flat base with adhesive back to ensure its effectiveness and durability.
  • Installation is quick and easy.


  • Comes with the flush valve kit only.

Types of Toilet Flush Valve kits

Toilet repair kits are often used to replace a broken toilet flapper seal, properly fill the tank (In tanks), or fix leaky toilets. The different types flush valve kits that can be purchased include; Once-A-Year Disposables, Clean Seal Flush Valve Repair Kits and Fluidmaster Universal PerforMAX Toilets Repair Kit. These products may sound like allot but is poorly disguised advertising by those trying to make money from over priced and old plans.


Fluidmaster Universal PerforMAX/Parts Kits are extremely easy to use as there are only 4 screws that need to be removed once your toilet seat is loose. There will also most likely be a bolt-on which can generally come off without pulling the handle completely forward or backward. Then this kit has everything you will ever need (pipette, wrench-style tool – in case of leaks from the tank flapper), except for two extenders for the toilet handle. Fluidmaster has a FluidMaster Tank It, but if you already have another flapper on your tank and it seems solid with no missing parts then go for that kit also along with this one to save some money!

This repair is very easy to perform as there are only 2 issues in which finding leaks could be trouble. If the valve stem from where each water line comes into its seat broke, chances.

Fill Valve and Flapper

A replacement for the flapper and fill valve, which can be easily installed by a plumber or homeowner.  Flapper: The rubber plug that drops of water versus the drain hole in the bottom of your tank.  It is important to know the fill valve and how it works in order to prevent any water from spilling out of your tank or bowl when you are not using them. The fill valve has a lever that can be moved up and down, allowing for easy access to refill the tank or bowl with water at any time during its use. Fixing the problem is as simple as buying a new fill valve and flapper repair kit for your toilet or bidet seat (depending on what you have). For the fill tube, you’ll need to replace it with an identical one as well

Fill Valve

Most of the time the criminal in your leaking toilet is just a bad fill valve that does not properly control the water level coming from the line. When you flush the toilet then the bowl fills up before the tank, your toilet fill valve is not working properly. Is wasting extra water and spending your money.

The fill valve may get stuck. If it takes a long time to fill your toilet and the flapper works well, it may be due to a stuck fill valve problem. All other equipment in your toilet tank is in good condition. Then buy another fill valve to exchange the old one. When buying, make sure the old and new fill valves are the same height.

Toilet Tank

Fully empty the tank and check for leaks at all joints where you connect pieces of your installation. Inspect throughout each section as well, making sure things come together correctly under every fixture ((pipes, hinges, flappers, etc), in addition to separating everything front opening Toilet Tank Parts.

If the toilet tank is full (full of water). This means your flush valve / flapper works. You need to use a fill tube inlet connector, usually plastic or rubber caps are used on these fittings, instead little bumpers inside most every Flush Valve seat and seal it up into perfect place. And submerses with more expansion wax again so that you can displace it from leaking .

When closing toilet tank restore. Seal up the toilet tank parts with a plastic or genuine wax, when you are done take off any filler and replace all joints there again, if needed go back to your fill valve and flush valve system by screwing it into place and should be much less seldom trouble now that both parts of all other circuits of items returning evenly full also in jiggle upon closing once more every time soon after flushing.

Silent Fill

When your toilet tank remains full with water you probably have a silent fill problem. If the action continues, the rubber gasket that seals the opening to limit expansion goes deteriorating and breaks making it easy for leaks in all places around this position including everywhere completely inside where there are joints among numerous segments of pipes to these fittings, valves, and flappers too on any element anywhere at all connecting between two fixed components as well as existing items need replacing first, before any leak or search for repair can be realized. In the event, it continues then typically this dynamic poppet is next up for replacement or experimenting.

When replacing Silent Fill Valve Flapper You will have to restore following discussing purchase method of those separate new pieces with placeholders in relation to proper offset placement where each should go back into their original locations From inside The Pumping System Pipe Assembly, O‐Ring seal, and case service.

Water-Saving Functionality

Water-saving toilet repair kits Typically called low-flow toilet repair kits, or water efficiency devices, these kinds of systems use a two-step process to limit how much water you get as well as save energy. For the first step in this system, a larger tank is used than normal which fills with unfiltered water from your home’s pipes while flushing solid waste down through an aerator that helps clear away any solids before they are flushed out into your sewers. For the second step, an air valve springs open after you flush and the water rushes out through a hole in your toilet tank that acts like a strainer to remove clogging along with solid waste before it reaches your home’s pipes.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Toilet Flush Valve Kit.

If you have finished this write-up and its principles, you deserve to decide far more on it. Because here our primary advice can help you in making a good choice from among many different toilet-related products at the lowest costs as well as without any risk. You are assured that a lot of people around the world gain apart through buying the same point or nonequal stuff for fixing their messy problems but if none of these ways will work out properly, there always is the best way and that is doing research.

Necessary Repairs

If the toilet flush valve is lost or broken, and you would like to repair it promptly without having any permanent damage or water loss, buying a new one may actually be an overkill of efforts. The requirement to replace a missing replacement part with regular usage can cost more than what you might imagine as usual repairs, in this case, will involve replacing several parts that are a little more expensive individually if compared with procuring the full-blown model (this is different when the flush valve is completely broken and voiding no water).

Kit Flexibility

If you have no big flushing issues and are just looking for a toilet flush valve to install in multiple locations at your house, purchasing a kit might be enough if the models from local retailers usually come with different plumbing types (which is pretty much apparent due to the alternative names of installation parts). The fact that it’s possible for most people nowadays strive making their toilets easier on themselves without having to get too technical (sometimes) should not be ignored, since it’s just about time to enjoy their bathrooms more and spending less on plumbing repairs.


The risk of failing to find a made toilet flush valve that is just right for your various money needs will make you look first at the internet and check if this model fits in your budget. Numerous organizations verify information about expensive models before allowing them on the market, so no one should ignore their truths since they can save unnecessary frustrations later when everything turns out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to replace toilet flush valve gasket?

To replace the toilet flush valve gasket, follow these steps:

1. Remove the lid from the tank and remove the old gasket.

2. Apply a generous amount of plumber’s putty to the inside of the flange and push it into place with your fingers until it is completely seated.

3. Using a new gasket, install it in reverse order onto flange by lining up tabs on both sides of the gasket and pushing firmly until it snaps into place at each end of the flange and against tank top rim, or fit over center pipe screw threads in an unthreaded position; tighten securely with appropriate tool or wrench; adjust to align water lines if necessary; then refill the tank as needed.

What is the best toilet fill valve?

The best toilet fill valve is the one that fits your toilet perfectly.Some of the best options are:1. The Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit– This fill valve comes with a built-in hand shower for a thorough cleaning, and also has an easy-to-use lever control for controlling water flow. 2. Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX Universal High Performance Toilet Fill Valve – It has a quick action release handle that can be used to stop or start water flow easily. 3. The Kohler Genuine Part Gp1083167 Silent Fill Valve Kit – This 3/4″ flush valve has a large 1 gallon per minute flow rate, making it perfect for big toilets with lots of gallons per flush like in hotels and other places where people need to use lots of water on their toilet at once.

What is the best toilet float valve?

The best toilet float valve is the one that can be adjusted easily and reliably. This is because when you are using a toilet, the water in the tank will go down over time. If your float valve doesn’t work well, it can cause clogs in your toilet or overflow if you are not careful.

The best toilet float valve is one that provides the most water and has a good quality. Some of the most popular toilet float valves are:

  • ‎Lemoy Tube Float Valve Kit
  • Meekoo Float Ball Valve
  • Little Giant Water Tank Float Valve
  • Toto S350E Toilet Float Valve
  • Toto DS160 Toilet Float Valve

How long should a toilet fill valve last?

A toilet fill valve is a part of the plumbing system that regulates the flow of water into a toilet bowl. The length of time it lasts depends on how well you maintain your toilet and whether or not it is used for its intended purpose.

Toilet fill valves last anywhere from one to ten years, with most lasting about three to five years. If you have an older home, you may want to replace your toilet’s fill valve sooner than if you live in a newer home.

How do I know if my toilet fill valve is bad?

If you have a slow leak, the fill valve will drip constantly. If it is a fast leak, you may see water coming out of the overflow tube or around the flush handle.

A common cause of leaks is that your toilet has an old fill valve. The part to replace is usually not expensive and easy to install, so this should be fixed as soon as possible.

Final Verdiact

Toilet flush valve kit is the best part of a home appliance. In the modern era, toilet flush valve kits are used for flushing water and cleaning the sewer. It is one of the key components of modern homes. You can use this component in all types of toilets, including outdoor toilets. This component is used to flush water out of pipes and also to clean it by removing any dirt and debris that could be blocking the flow of water through pipes. If you have an idea about this topic, then you can share your opinion with us in the comments section below

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