How to Fix a Toilet Paper holder 2022

Replacing an entire setup of toilet paper holders may not always be necessary. Your current toilet paper holder may have little loose ends that need some tightening to function perfectly.

To fix your paper holder, first, you need to know the type of holder that you use on your toilet. Suppose it uses wall anchors, adhesives, screws, or have a recessed setup. It is essential that you kindly notice while you are at it if your bathroom wall has tiled walls, drywall, or even wooden ones. It will help you select the right tools to get started with the process.

It’s a bummer when your paper holder has loose screws, or the mounting bracket seems a little shaky. Keep in handy a drill machine, Allen screwdriver, heat gun, stud finder, an essential tool kit with a box knife, and screwdrivers to work with some set screw or single-slot screw.

If the fixture seems loose or broken and there’s a mess of the toilet paper, bring in your drill and new wall anchors if it’s attached to your drywall. Use a single slot screwdriver or the appropriate Allen screw remover to loosen and remove the screws. Do check the wall studs’ position using a stud finder to avoid more issues while making the drill bits. Use appropriate screwdrivers to remove the top and bottom screws holding the posts, remove the mounting brackets.

Buy the right set of screws to get rid of the issue. Use a drill bit matching with your wall anchor to drill holes to fit in the newer and better screw set. Make sure the new drill bits are rightly aligned with the side that isn’t loose. Install the new screws, wall brackets and place them in the proper position. If you want to avoid making a mess of the powdered residuals from the drilling, use a towel or mat around it to clean up easily.

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If the holder’s adhesive part seems to come out, use the heat gun to reinstate it to the wall by using a heat gun. Then follow through with the previous descriptions to fix your toilet paper holder. In the case of tiled walls, ensure to hammer in new screws and brackets by taping the adjacent area before going through the process to avoid damage.

Other things that might need fixing are; the installation height may be wrong. It will hamper the ease of use. The paper holder needs to be installed at the standard size, maintaining the installation instructions, i.e., above 26 inches from the ground and 10 inches from the toilet.

It happens to the best of us that we mistakenly install the left bracket on the wrong side. Check if that needs fixing as well. It is pretty simple to fix an existing paper holder instead of going on to the hassle of getting a new one.

How to install a toilet paper holder?

To install a toilet paper holder, you need to pick a design that fits your drywall, wooden wall, or tiled wall. Next, buy a paper holder with the necessary wall anchors and screws to get it set. Keep around a screwdriver, drill machine, hammer, and stud finder. Read the installation instruction, use the template to mark the pilot holes, drill in with a 1/16 inch drill bit for wooden walls, and use a drill bit of 3/16 inch for installing wall anchors. Ensure the marked areas are evenly marked and spaced and have the right and left and up and down alignments. Install the provided screws by hammering them in. Brackets and mounting plates can be installed using an Allen wrench and other screwdrivers for smaller screw sets.

The installation height should be 26 inches above the ground.  Place the mounting bracket, slide the paper roll in, and voila, you have successfully installed a toilet paper holder.

What is the size of a toilet paper holder?

Toilet paper holders are generally 5-10 inches in length and diameter. It usually comes with a slightly bigger space than the size of the toilet paper that is to be placed. They are about 4.5-5 inches in length and a little in diameter.

However, the sizes of the paper holders may vary according to different manufacturers and their designs.

How to fix a loose toilet paper holder?

The first thing to do is remove the decorative caps to remove the loose screws behind those to fix open toilet paper holders. Use small screwdrivers to remove single-slot screws and an Allen driver to remove other screws embedded in. Remove the brackets and everything that seems to be loose. Drill in necessary holes for installation and ensure that the fixtures alignment is not compromised while fixing and drilling in the new drill bits. Replace them with toggle bolts wall anchors, which are the best ones to keep the loose ends fixed and tightened at the proper position.

How to tighten a loose toilet paper holder?

If your toilet paper holder needs a slight tightening, get your screw set and Allen screwdrivers ready. Check if the wall brackets and screws are all loose. Use the smaller group of tools to tighten the top and bottom screws; for the regular sized screws, use the Allen wrench to tighten them. To keep your fixtures in place, ensure that you use a shielding design at the very beginning to avoid such issues.

What is the best toilet paper brand?

The area that stays hidden from the light and sight needs special treatment. Therefore, we recommend you to use Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper. It is the best one out there. It is easy on your skin and your plumbing. It tears away easily and keeps the standard size to let you roll it in almost all kinds of toilet paper holders. It’s soft yet provides good cleaning. Hence, the best pick among the other toilet paper brands.

How to choose the best suitable paper towel holder?

The first question to solve this query is where you want to place the paper towel holder. For dining spaces, wall mounted paper holders are more suitable, while kitchens would look good with a countertop one. Regardless, the base of the holder should be wide to provide added stability. The holder’s bearing capacity should be a god if the paper towels are exposed to heavy usage. Pick a simple and compact design that supports most sizes of paper towels. The simple design would allow easy assembling and fixing. These are the top things to look out for to pick suitable towel paper holders.

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