How to Install a Toilet Paper Holder 2022

Ever had trouble while redecorating or installing a new toilet paper holder? Well, we are here to make your life easier by giving a clear and brief idea on how to install a toilet paper holder.

You don’t need a third party to come in and install the toilet paper holder. You will need to check the type of attachment you prefer for your drywall or tiled wall and buy the right holder.

Usually, the toilet paper holder comes with a template to help you mark the spots for drilling pilot holes in the standard location. Instruction sets can vary for different manufacturers. Regardless of that, take a measuring tape and make sure the holder is well above 26 inches from the floor. Check the distance between your toilet seat and your holder. It should be about 10 inches and preferably next to the toilet.

Mark the areas where the mounting brackets are to be placed. Wall anchors wouldn’t be necessary while drilling into wooden walls. Use an electric stud finder to find the proper position to drill holes with 1/16 inch drill bits. To drill holes on a tiled or drywall, you will need to hammer in anchors and 3/16 inch drill bits. Tape the surrounding bit if you are hammering into a tiled wall to avoid damage.

Next, fasten the provided screws and the brackets evenly and double-check that they are evenly placed. Your frames should be placed facing outward, firmly attached to the wall.

Believe it or not, you are done! Just slide in the paper roll along with the mounting bracket, and you have successfully installed your toilet paper holder.

How to install a toilet paper holder in a bathroom?

Toilet paper holders, to no surprise, are meant to be installed in bathrooms. It would be best if you drill pilot holes at a standard height from the ground. Mark the areas carefully horizontally and vertically and drill ¼ inch drill bits. Use the template to do all these with ease and accuracy. Check the wall with a stud finder. Next, set screws in the proper position and install the mounting brackets as required. If the wall is tiled, do use tapes around the drilling area to avoid damage. We suggest you check if the holder sits flush against the wall to ensure it is well fastened. Keep in handy the bathroom hardware parts and also the right tools to fix them at the standard location. Choose tools according to the type of wall you are placing the holder with.

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How to install a toilet paper holder and towel bar the right way?

The process of installing a toilet paper holder and a towel bar holder is quite similar. The few things we would like you to check before installing a towel paper holder is the length of the bar and The size of the towel bar will give you added stability to hold on to the towels.

Best Toilet paper Holders

In either case, they should be fixed at the position above the standard height at the standard location. These holders can either use wall anchors or frame screws as per the design dictates. Drill bits of ¼ inches and placing mounting plates remain the same for both the holder types in varying wall types. You can easily install either of them by keeping these factors in check.

How to install a toilet paper holder in tile?

Installing toilet paper holders on tiled walls can be risky if the drilling area is not taped correctly. After going through the usual routine of using the template to mark the spots for drilling above at the correct position, we would suggest you use a glass and tile drill to make the holes. Tape the area around it well to avoid damage to the tiles while you hammer in the provided screws and set the mounting brackets and mounting plates as instructed. Once you are done with the drill bits and placing the fixture, remove the tapes, and you are good to go.

What is the size of a toilet paper holder?

Different types of holders accommodate other-sized toilet paper rolls. Preferably the holder’s size is better if it’s a little bigger than the roll’s size to ease sliding it in and use it. The standard length of regular holders is 5-10 inches, which sometimes varies, so you can pick the one that is the best fit for your toilet. The toilet paper roll is usually 4.5- 5 inches in length, so it can easily fit into the holder. Finally, The size may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

How to install a spring-loaded toilet paper holder?

Pick your standard location that is best suited for your use. Check if it is going to be placed above the standard height. Use the toilet paper holder template to mark the spots evenly. Drill pilot holes to set the wall anchors in position. Use a screwdriver to set it straight. With a screwdriver, fix the mounting brackets and fasten the set screws to hold the posts firmly. Since this portion uses small screws, use a small slot screwdriver to work with ease. Now, you need to put the loaded paper holder on the mounting plate by spring effect from either side of the holder, and there you go having installed a spring-loaded toilet paper holder.

What is the best toilet paper brand?

We think this depends a lot on how you would like to pamper your intimate region. You definitely wouldn’t want a rough one to give you rashes or one that would cause plumbing problems.

According to top websites, the best one is the Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper. It is soft and will be accessible to your skin. It gets flushed away in one instance and It provides good cleaning keeping you and your area happy! Moreover, it tears away with ease from the roll without requiring any extra force. It comes in the standard size of toilet paper rolls and complements the majority of toilet paper holders.

How to choose the most suitable paper towel holders?

Regardless of where you’ll use this holder on your kitchen top or your dining space, get the paper holder with a broad base. A wide-based holder would provide added stability for keeping the holder in place. Pick the one with a compact design to save space and make the paper towel holder a great addition to your area. The paper holder should be easy to assemble and have the bearing capacity to sit still if papers are rolled out with force. Folded holders save wastage of rolling out more than one paper at one go. The trick is to pick a simple one with a broad base that can hold most kinds of paper towel rolls.

What is the layout for an ADA-compliant bathroom for special needs?

The layout includes a flooring of 60-inch minimum diameter for accommodating wheelchair users. Clear space in front of the sink, tub, and toilet bowl of 30 inches, 30inches, and 48 inches is required for flexibility. The bathroom hardware is to be placed at an average height to facilitate everyone with special needs. The doors need to be exhaustive and easy to open from both sides. There should be grab bars all around to provide support while using the bathroom.

Personally, identifiable information can be gathered to install fixtures that best suits the users with special needs and make an ADA-compliant bathroom layout.

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