How to Remove a Toilet Paper Holder 2022

Toilet paper holder is something you don’t think about unless it is time to replace it or have changed your washroom’s look and now need a paper holder to complement that change.It may be attaching to the drywall, tiled wall, wall with wallpaper etc. The toilet paper holder can be connected with glue, screws or can even be wall anchored. At first, you need to determine the type of attachment it has to pick the right tools to remove the toilet paper holder. It can be removed with a screwdriver by loosening the screws, a heat gun to detach the glued holder, or even an Allen wrench to take the provided screws off.Related Post:

Remove Toilet Paper Holder 2022

Things You Will Need.

To remove a toilet paper holder, you will need a screwdriver, a heat gun, an Allen wrench, cordless drill, safety goggles and gloves. You might not need to use all the tools depending on the attachment type, but the safety goggles and gloves are a must for safety purposes.

Wall Mounts With Brackets.

Usually, they are screwed to the wall, either drywall or tiled with mounting brackets. Remove the toilet paper holder; depending on the screw type, a suitable screwdriver is taken. The small and big screws are systematically taken out using the screwdriver.

Best Toilet paper Holders

An Allen wrench is used to remove screws that seem hard to take off. There are tiny screws hidden under the side posts of the paper holder, don’t forget to take those out as well.

The mounting plate held with the mounting brackets can be removed using a cordless drill. Once the screws are loose enough, the toilet paper holder will quickly come off. 

The drill holes left behind can be patched by you if necessary. You can even use toothpaste to help the cause.

Ensure you are safe while working with tools and work through patience and using suitable means to do a good job.

Wall mounts with glue.

Paper holders that are glued as wall mounts are mostly ceramic kind. They don’t need screws to be attached to the wall or require mounting brackets to keep it in the proper position.

It uses an adhesive pad or some suitable adhesive to keep it attached to the wall.

To remove this paper holder, you will need a hairdryer or heat gun to loosen the attachment by comprising the adhesive. Once it is heated and loosened up, a putty knife is used to tap on the holder’s post until it comes off ultimately.

It could be hammered too, but that would cause damage to the wall and is a riskier tool to deal with.

Wall mounts with Mastic.

Wall mount mastic is often used to mount toilet paper holders made of ceramic on tiled walls. Mastic is a kind of adhesive to keep the paper holder in place.

To remove a toilet paper of this kind, you need to get to the base and find where the holder is joined by a grout lining on the tiled wall. You need to remove the grout by using a grout removing tool to get to the base. Next, you could hammer away and the attachment and chisel each post so that you can remove the paper holder entirely.

It would be a heavy-duty process, so ensure your safety by taking proper precautions. 

Recessed Holders

Recessed toilet paper holders are attached in a sophisticated manner. They have two visible exterior screws. The holder itself is connected with studs. It depends on the brand you would use to use adhesive or mounting brackets to hold it in position.

Either way, at first, to remove such holders, you will need to loosen the screws. If it is glued, the caulking has to be cut out by a box knife for complete removal.

If it is fixed with mounting brackets, gently lift the holder and push it outwards to remove the toilet paper holder from the top and then slide it downwards to remove it from the attachment altogether.

Decide beforehand as to how to fill the void after removal.

Replacing a recessed holder with a new one might be a lengthier process than installing the other kinds of toilet paper holders. You would need to use a stud finder to find the proper location to fix the recessed holder. Since it will make a permanent hole on your wall, to be extra careful, mark the areas before jumping to the drill bit of the process. 

How to install a toilet paper holder in a bathroom?

At first, I chose the best-fit toilet paper holder to install. Note if you are installing it on drywall or tiled surface. Next, find the proper location and check if the installation height is maintained from the centre post, which should be above 28-30 inches from the ground. Mark them and drill pilot holes. Try to keep it in sync with the original marks if it is a replacement installation at the same spot. Drill in necessary screws and nails with ¼ inch drill bit; double-check during the marking and spacing of the drill holes. Use the mounting template well and keep the bathroom hardware parts ready to set in position, and you are good to go.

How to install a toilet paper holder in tile?

Find the location, mark the spots for drilling. Basing on the measurement of the correct height of installation, determine where to make the holes to install the left side mounting plate on the wall.

Mark, space evenly the spots to drill holes to install the posts. Ensure the marked areas are in sync horizontally and vertically. Use a glass and tile drill bit to make the holes. Secure the mounting plates with the provided screws and set the fixture up.

What is the size of the toilet paper holder?

Almost all toilet paper holders maintain the standard size. The size is essential as the paper roll should fit into it with ease. Generally, recessed holders have about 5.9-inch width and a height of 6.5 inches. It leaves room for toilet paper rolls that are usually 4.5-5 inch in length and diameter.

The sizes of the mounted toilet paper holders vary. You should pick the one that complements your bathroom and the size of the toilet paper that you use.

How to install a toilet paper holder and towel bar the right way?

The procedure to install both towel bar holders and toilet paper holder are same. The difference is merely on the spacing as towel bars are more significant in length, and it needs added stability as it hangs towels that are much heavier than toilet paper rolls. Both holders are placed at a standard height from the surface. The places to drill are marked and double-checked so that they are evenly spaced. Pilot holes are made, followed by ¼ inch drill bit to prepare in nails, mounting plates as required. The rest of the hardware is set by hammering or by using mounting brackets as necessary.  

What is the best toilet paper brand?

Now, this is totally up to your choice as this helps you clean an intimate region of yours. But the best one by use would be the one that takes care of your sensitive area and is easy to tear from the roll plus easy to flush away to keep your plumbing run smooth.

The best rated in the market is Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper. Unlike its name, soft, it gives a good cleaning, easy to flush and tears away from the roll with ease.

How to remove old toilet paper holders?

The removal of old toilet paper holders is as same as removing newer ones. In this case, if it is too old, keep an eye out for sharp edges that might have come out due to extended usage or damage.

You need the right tool, screwdriver sets, hammers, heat gun, grout remover, box knife etc., as per the type of toilet paper holder you want to remove. Also, you must have your safety goggles and gloves to carry out the operation.

How to choose the most suitable paper towel holder?

The best way to settle this would be to find out where you need the paper towels the most. Let’s say you need it in your kitchen, your living room or dining space.

Choose one with added stability due to the broad base and accommodate most sizes of paper towels. Use a simple and compact one to save space. Mounted ones are great for dining spaces, while countertops are an excellent addition to your kitchen top. To save wastage, you can also use the folded ones that will give out one paper towel at a time.

Lastly, pick one that is easy to assemble and have a good bearing capacity even if the paper towel is rolled out with pressure. Then again, choose one that comes off easy and keeps your living space clean.

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