Karcher Follow Me Electric Pressure Washer Reviews 2022

A pressure washer is the most effective way to clean different items around your house. Karcher K3 pressure washer makes the cleaning process more reliable and faster. It is an ideal pressure washer that can clean difficult spots that aren’t easily accessible.

Karcher K3 Pressure washer offers heavy-duty performance with its powerful way of cleaning. You can rely on this tool to clean your car, patios, decking, vinyl siding, and many more items.

Karcher is a well-known brand that manufactures pressure washers with world-class technology. 

With different models of Karcher, you can effortlessly clean mold, dirt, and paint and. This device can be handled by both young and adult members of your house. 

Many types of pressure washers are readily available on the market. With our mentioned product review, you will get a clear idea about why you should buy it.

Karcher K3 Follow Me Electric Power Pressure Washer Reviews

Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure Washer

Use the pressurized blasting water of Karcher K3 to clean faster than ever before. The nozzle used in the Karcher K3 pressure washer is known as Vario Power Spray. 

The adjustable spray nozzle of Karcher K3 allows you to alter the width of the spray jet. You can reach difficult areas by changing the pressure. 

Dirtblaster Spray Wand is an alternative option to the Karcher K3 model. It allows you to get rid of touch dirt that was built up a long time ago. 

The Karcher K3 includes the N-COR pump, which makes it a more powerful and effective tool. It maintains a consistent flow of water while cleaning. 

It is a long-lasting and non-corrosive model that requires less maintenance. This means you can save your time and energy for other chores. This tool offers 1800 PSI and 1.3 GPM, ideal for cleaning vehicles, walls, patio, and many more.

Karcher K3Pressure washer is the only pressure washer on the market with four wheels. It won’t fall over due to the machine’s stability even if you maneuver the jet wash element. The Karcher K3 has been categorized as the Family Handyman Editor’s choice.


  • It is a powerful tool to remove any dirt from the toughest surfaces.
  • It comes with two different types of nozzles that you can use in different situations. Reach larger areas with the Vario Power Spray. Use the Dirblaster Spray wand for cleaning specific spots.  
  • The Karcher K3 pressure washer does not require any maintenance at all. It saves your time and money because you don’t need to repair it. 
  • It includes four wheels, which give it better maneuverability with the jet washer on hand. 


  • The lead sometimes gets in your way while moving with the tool, which is irritating. 
  • The length of the lead may not cover the whole working area.

Customer Ratings

Great little machine! (5/5 stars)

Karcher K3

a great compact pressure washer. Previously, I had a Karcher washer for the last four years, so I was unsure about this machine with four wheels. However, I am surprised by the performance and ability of this tool. 

It will follow you around with a little pull on the hose. Now I can clean with two different cleaning wands and control the flow.  

I used it to clean my patio, cars, vinyl sidings, furniture, swimming pool, etc. It did not take me long to wash several things at a time, which is fantastic! I can carry the tool quickly, and the lead is long enough. 

SO easy to use… Works great! (5/5 stars )

I previously used a gas pressure washer with 2600 psi, which was not satisfying for me. The machine was loud and took a long time to start up. I had to refuel after working for only a few hours. 

The machine just broke after a year of service!! I didn’t get a new one for a few years because I was fed up with my previous experience. One day I was looking at an advertisement for this Karcher Pressure Washer while surfing the web.

It has a long lead option to cover a huge work area, and the machine follows you wherever you go. Connect the lead, move around your work area, and adjust the pressure. Wow! This is what I needed. 

I have washed countless items around my home, and I recommend this product to everyone. 

Karcher Follow me Electric Pressure Washer Buying Guide

There are some important features to consider while buying a pressure washer. These considerations will determine the machine’s performance. It determines the best use of the engine and the expense as well. 

Water Pressure

Water pressure is a crucial factor to consider while buying a pressure washer. This pressure of the machine is calculated in PSI, which means pounds per square inch. Buy a pressure washer with the PSI output that you need.  

A high PSI output machine can clean any dirt, where a low PSI machine is for typical use. 

Water Source

The pressure of your water supply and the GPM of the machine should be the same. The motor of your machine will burn out if this pressure amount is not the same. The pressure of city water supply and well water supply is different. 

Calculate the GSM of the water source so that you can verify if it applies to your machine. Get a pressure washer that includes a water reservoir or a water tank if you lack a water source.


An electric pressure washer works silently, whereas a gas pressure washer creates noise. Get the quieter version to avoid making any disturbance to your neighbors. 


There are some features of a pressure washer that decides its portability. The weight of a pressure washer machine decides its maneuverability. A pressure washer with wheels can be easily moved around your work site. 

Cord Length

Check out the length of your pressure washer machine if you are buying an electric machine. Don’t forget to check if the lead is compatible with the power source. Machines with a long cord length can be moved through the worksite with comfort. 

Soap Tank

A pressure washer with a built on soap tank will provide an added benefit. It will allow you to clean the dirt with a continuous flow of water and soap. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Karcher k3 any good?

Karcher K3 pressure washer is an electric pressure washer with an impressive output. It is the only pressure washer that follows you while you move and clean. The four wheels on the machine added more stability to the engine. With this machine, you can clean almost every type of dirt, mold, or stain from different surfaces. Two different nozzle types are attached to different cleaning situations. Change the nozzle type for typical cleaning and touch cleaning. This machine does not require any maintenance, which saves your time and money. Due to all these features, this is the best product to buy. 

What is the difference between Karcher k3 and k4?

Between Karcher K3 and K4, K4 is better if you can overlook the price of the machine. K4 offers better power and water flow than K3. It is enriched with more features compared to K3. If you are looking for less power consumption, then K3 is the ideal product for you. K4 includes the LED-triggered washer that can be used for specific tasks. With a longer hose, you can easily wash and move around the workplace. K4 consists of a water-cooled motor, whereas K3 includes an air-cooled engine. K3 has two pressure-flow modes to control water pressure. If you can work with less pressure and a typical cleaning job, then k3 is ideal for you. 

What is the best Karcher pressure washer to buy?

Karcher K7 is the top-ranked pressure washer that offers a water-cooled motor. It is the most expensive power washer among the Karcher K models. It gives you an industrial level of pressure washer output. You can remove the toughest molds, dirt, mildew, and paint from any surface. With maximum pressure, you can even clean your asphalt driveway. If you are thinking about saving money and do the same job with a Karcher 

What is the best pressure washer to clean concrete?

All Karcher models are made with a robust build and for specific washing purposes. To clean driveways and concrete, Choose between K4 to K7 models.These models have a better motor that can create better water pressure. The lower version, like K2, is not enough for cleaning concrete for the toughest cleaning job.K3 Karcher pressure washer can clean the concrete or driveways, but it needs more effort. 

Which is better, Karcher k2 or k4?

Karcher K2 is a well-designed model that offers 110 bar pressure and a water flow of 360l/h. This model is ideal for smaller cleaning tasks and people living in apartments. K4 offers a more robust design with a sturdy wheel, trigger gun, and telescopic handle. K4 offers better motor power and can do the toughest cleaning jobs. The K4 is more expensive than the K2 Model but comes with more features.K4 is surely a winner due to its all-rounder features though it is more expensive. 

Final Verdict & Recommendation

Karcher K3 is a rare pressure washer due to its wheeled structure, which follows you. This small but rugged pressure washer has many features all together in one. I recommend Karcher K3 to get a flexible cleaning experience without any maintenance.

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