Mold Armor House Wash Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide]

Vinyl siding is the most preferred maintenance option in today’s home construction. You can do effortless and low-cost maintenance due to its durability. However, to keep up the appeal of your home and yard, you should use it properly.

Your house gets dirt from pollen, dust, air pollution, etc. It is hard to remove molds that are developed in a wet area. Sometimes these molds get stronger and hard to remove because we don’t notice them.

With a good cleaner, you can make your house look brand new after a proper cleaning of stucco with vinegar. A clean house will also help you to maintain adequate hygiene.

There are different types of house cleaners available in the market. The best vinyl siding cleaner, such as Mold armor, offers you the best cleaning service. The Mold Armor is an effective pressure washer that can wipe out any molds.

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Mold Armor FG503 House Wash Reviews 2022

Mold armor reviews guarantee a perfect finishing compared to other vinyl siding cleaners. It is a strong bleach-based compound, which is two times stronger than its competitors. You can remove mold, stains, dirt, mildew stain remover, and more with this cleaner.

Mold armor EZ house wash comes in a powerful pressure spray bottle that screws through the hose of your garden. The strong stream of this sprayer reaches almost the third-story siding. You will be able to clean the whole house with safety measures from the ground.

Mold armor EZ house wash offers a great cleaning capability within minutes. Use Mold armor on your home and wait for a few minutes and then rinse off.

1. Mold Armor FG503 E-Z House Wash, 1-Gallon

Mold Armor FG503 E-Z House Wash

Features of Mold Armor FG503 Home Armor EZ house wash

  • This powerful formula can clean mold, mildew, algae stains from the exterior.
  • After applying this cleaner, scrubbing is not required.
  • Apply to clean vinyl, aluminum, and wood sidings of your house.
  • Apply to clean painted decks, concrete, brick stucco, washroom floors, and more.
  • It can remove heavy stains and soil and also typical stains and dirt.
  • Applicable with a garden sprayer, tank sprayer, roller, or sponge.
  • 2000 square feet coverage
  • Directed use is safe for landscaping

Pros of Mold Armor FG503 

  • It can be used for multiple cleaning purposes.
  • This product can cover a large area of 2000 square feet.
  • Can mix with vinyl and used in a different section of the home
  • Attachable with a garden hose and spray up to 2 stories
  • No scrubbing needed to complete the cleaning stucco with vinegar process

Cons Mold Armor FG503

  • This product smells odd
  • Take Protective measure because its a Bleach based mixture
  • Comes without any mold remover spray nozzle

Overview of Mold Armor FG503

EZ Armor reviews all Products. This product is made out of a powerful formula that can clean without scrubbing. Clean different types of heavy or typical mold and stains with it. This ideal product can be used with vinyl, aluminum, and wood sidings, decks, concrete, and more.

You can mix Mold Armor with a garden sprayer to clean the dirt, mold, and stains. You can also use it with a tank sprayer, roller, and sponge for a specific use. Finally, You can cover a large area of 2000 square feet with this sprayer.

For a normal dir or stain, mix three portions of water and one portion of cleaner to make a diluted compound. It has a safe product that is applicable for landscaping purpose. With directed use and protective measures, you can apply it for landscaping.

2. Mold Armor FG51164 E-Z House Wash.

Mold Armor FG51164 E-Z House Wash

Features of Mold Armor FG51164 EZ home Wash

  • Comes with a sprayer nozzle and hose attachment with the bottle.
  • The product can be used for landscaping, and the surroundings are not harmed.
  • They are manufactured and formulated in the United States of America.
  • The 64 Oz bottle covers up cleaning process for 4,5000 square feet
  • The product can be handled or used easily.

Pros of Mold Armor FG51164

  • Built-in hose attachment and sprayer nozzle
  • The product is not harmless for plants and animals
  • It’s a strong cleaner but never damages your paint job.
  • Covers a huge area of 4000 square feet

Cons of Mold Armor FG51164

  • Some users reviewed that the product does not cover a huge area
  • An odd and strong smell of Bleach is present

Overview Mold Armor FG51164 House EZ Wash

Mold Armor FG51164 EZ House wash includes a hose-end sprayer. The sprayer can be attached to a separate hose or even a pressure washer.

This product offers a 64-ounce bottle that covers a huge area of 4,500 square feet of space. Attach it with a pressure washer and reach those difficult corners that have dirt.

This is a bleach-based chemical compound or formula that will remove mold and mildew stain remover. You can use it for both typical cleaning and also a hard mold cleaning job. Combine decking with vinegar is to be cleaned.

The glossiness of the paint jobs in your house gets revived with this cleaner. You can clean different types of surfaces around your home with ease.

This biodegradable solution can be applied for landscaping purposes. The plants around the yard won’t be harmed. Mold killer spray is attractive.

Home armor instant mold and mildew stain remover. Apply this product on a surface and wait for 10 minutes highest before rinsing it off. There is no extra effort or scrubbing needed to finish the cleaning process. You can reach the second story of your house and use it without a ladder.

Customer Rating’s

Great Product!

One of the customers shared this review with a 5/5 average rating.

The product serves what it offers and cleans out the mold in no time. The most surprising part is no ladder is needed to reach the high grounds.

I Simply attached the bottle with a pressure washer and reached my rooftop vinyl sidings. I even cleaned narrow angles that were stubborn and scrubbed it out with my hands. Finally, I am planning to buy this amazing product again.

Absolutely Amazing!

One of the customers shared this review with a 5/5 average rating.

This is one of the best selections of house wash that I made. It works like magic before your eyes. Just spray it on a surface and wait for a few minutes and clean it with a water sprayer.

It didn’t harm the plants around my yard. I was amazed to see the final result of this product. Within a few minutes, it cleaned the black and green mold in this hot, humid climate.

Great stuff. Just works

One of the customers shared this review with a 5/5 average rating.

I must say this cleaner is great! It started working after 5 minutes of spraying at the dirty vinyl siding. I only needed to reapply in some harder stains. Let it stand for 5-10 minutes and then wash.

Finally, I am the owner of a tall two-story house, and it was hard to reach the top with the sprayer. I attached it with an extra hose. The attached sprayer will work perfectly for the ranch house. The house wash lowes needs to be washed and cleaned downstairs.

Buying Guide of Mold  Armor Reviews

Cleaning a vinyl siding is an important task for every homeowner. Consider some important facts while choosing the best cleaner from the market.

Type of Vinyl Siding

Different house owners have a different selection of vinyl siding for their house. You should get the best cleaner that suits your vinyl siding. Different materials such as aluminum, wood, and plastic are also used in vinyl. Find the best cleaner for the material that is used on your siding.

Home Size

Select a cleaner that can cover the vinyl size that you have on your home. You don’t need to go to the store repeatedly if you already know your home size.

Surroundings of the House

There are many features in your home area, such as brocks, slabs, bushes, flowers, etc. Get a cleaner that will not harm the surroundings of your house. It would be best if you considered this because strong cleaners can damage the surroundings.

Type of Grime

The dirt and stains on your vinyl siding will depend on the location and its environment. Strong cleaners are needed for a rainy and humid place.


Consider the pricing of the best cleaner, depending on the features. The most expensive cleaner won’t always serve you with the best outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mold Armor Safe?

Mold armor is a bleach-based compound that does not include any harmful ingredients. Still, you must be careful because it is a cleaning compound. User reviews indicate that it’s not harmful to plants or other surroundings of your home. Armor garage owners do this very easily.

Use protective measures such as gloves and eyewear while spraying this product. Keep this product in a secure place where only adults can access it. Helps to remove mold and mildew killer.

I still see your armor in my room. It is safe for any type of vinyl siding because it won’t have any side effects or harm the material. Your home paints won’t be discolored or removed due to this cleaner. The vinyl and paint jobs will become shinier after the cleaning.

Can you use Mold Armor in a pressure washer?

You can easily use mold armour in a pressure washer. Mold armour offers products that come in a bottle with hose attacher and sprayer. You can also attach this cleaner with the garden hose and make a pressure washer.

Mold armor in a pressure washer lets you clean the places where you can reach. You can get up to 2 stories with a pressure washer. You can reach narrow spaces and angles where there are dirt mold, stains, etc.

Mold armor in a pressure washer will minimize your effort and time of cleaning.

Does Mold Armor kill mold?

Mold armor is a twice effective cleaner than any other cleaners in the market. It’s a bleach-based cleaner that can remove any type of mold around your home.

If the mold is hard, then you have to use more portion of Armor kill with water. For typical mold, three pieces of Mold armor, and one part of the water is enough for cleaning.

Mold armor is capable of cleaning mold from different types of surfaces. No matter where the mold is, Mold stain remover can remove that mold with the highest efficiency.

Molds on vinyl, metal, floor, and more surfaces can be removed with Mold Armor reviews.

What is the best house wash product?

Undoubtedly, Mold Armor is the best house wash product out there in the market. There is no other product in the market that is as efficient as home armor house wash.

The features of home armor include all that you need in a perfect house cleaner. Home armor house wash offers various house wash products. These products are versatile and reliable, which is proven.

Forget about pail or scrub brush because Mold Armor can remove molds without those. It also includes a pressure washer option to minimize your effort. The product can cover huge areas without harming the surroundings.

Does power washing removes mold?

The power washing technique is the most efficient and time-saving way of cleaning. With this technique, you won’t be needing any ladder, which minimizes your effort.

This technique will help you to reach almost the 3rd story from the ground. You don’t need to have any protective measures. You can also clean different angles where you can get easily.

Hold the machine exactly at the eye level to keep it on top of the siding. Do not hold the power washer in an angled position. Make sure that the water is not being forced behind your vinyl siding.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a 2 story house?

It depends on the average rate in your region. Pressure washing typically costs between $ 0.08 and $ 0.35 per square foot.The pressure washer will charge $ 0.40 to 80 0.80 per square foot if the pressurized wash takes longer to clean the dirty mold.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

Mold Armor House is the best vinyl siding cleaner due to ease of use and effectiveness.

I fully recommend this product because it serves all the features that it offers.

With a nozzle spray and power washer attachment, it becomes more convenient. Mold Armor can clean a huge area, and you don’t need to buy it repeatedly. It can clean almost all sorts of mold out there.

You need a house wash product that can clean mold effectively from every surface of your home. I recommend Mold Armor because, with its narrow application, it serves what it is made for.

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