Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX4000 – Which One is Right for Me?

Pressure washers come on the top of the talk while thinking about cleaning your household things. When you see the car become so muddy, and you need it to be clean immediately, at that very moment, you feel the importance of a pressure washer. Moreover, not only cars, when you see your walls are filled with dust & stain marks, at that moment, you can easily wash that area with the pressure washer in just 5 minutes. In that way, you can keep your home neat & clean every time. Therefore, I will discuss three pressure washers- sun joe spx3000 vs spx4000 and spx4001 today. And you will get to know what you will need for your work. Hopefully, you will pick sun joe spx3000 in the end. Make sure to keep an eye on the buying guide. It will give you a technical overview & tips for comparing the product between them.

Sun Joe SPX3000 – Get Something Great in Less Cost

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 is one of the most used pressure washers all over the world. People over half of a million use it daily. So, what makes it so attractive? In answering this, I will mention three factors that made it distinguishable. Versatile washing capabilities, Multiple Nozzles for different usages & the 2030 PSI/1. 76 GPM motors are those three factors. You can wash your car muds, equipment on the lawn, or any household things with it. For controlling pressure, you will get five different Nozzles. You will get to know how useful that is when you use it.

Sun Joe SPX4000 – Most Wanted Pressure Washer of 2022

Sun Joe SPX4000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX4000 is an updated and newer version of a pressure washer from Sun Joe. It has a few distinguishable features that make it one of the top demanded products. The very first feature I should mention is that it has a powerful 2030 psi/1. 76 GPM generating motor. What can comfortably clean your car, house walls, and even SUVs? The next noticeable thing is the addition of the soap dilution dial under the pressure dial. It provides you with the flexibility to control the dilution rate or block soaps from diluting into the water. You should know that it has a dedicated soap holding place/ detergent tank for better flexibility. The last thing that distinguishes it is its pressure-controlling flexibility. With the help of a pressure dial & different nozzles, I have controlled it from 1450 to 2030 PSI.

I will say that it can be put to great use while washing cars because most car manufacturing companies suggest using low-pressure cameras. And it can go down to the 1450 PSI. Therefore, it will keep the camera safe. Moreover, you will get five common types of nozzles, the flexibility of assembling the whole thing with your hand, and the hose. It runs on electricity, and the cable is good enough. So, I hope you don’t have to worry about safety.

Sun Joe SPX4001- Latest Pressure Washer with Updated Features

Sun Joe SPX4100 is more available in the market right now. It’s significantly known for its most updated features. I’ve seen longer electric cables while using it. It provided me with more flexibility to work with it. Moreover, it has a 14.5 amp motor now. What is a comparatively significant update than its previous version? But regardless of the engine, the thing that matters is how much pressure it can generate. So, in that sector, it can push from 1450 PSI to 2030 PSI. That means it’s following industry standards. But real-life experiences should be mentioned. I fairly got the above-average performance. The lower level pressures for sensitive areas are pretty good, and they can handle soap very well. Moreover, its five different nozzles provide extra assistance.

The pressure is not the only thing in real-life usage. Handling soaps, pressure control capabilities, and compatibility are also important. Luckily, it is ace in this section. It has a pressure & detergent controlling dial. It also has a dedicated 54. 1 fl oz detergent tank. This is one of the tops containing capabilities among its all competitors. Its updated features have provided me with the best user experience ever.

Motor and Power of Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX4000

Sun Joe SPX3000

A motor that can generate up to 2030 PSI is considered powerful enough. Luckily, we see this kind of engine in Sun Joe SPX3000. In the process of generating that much power, it consumes considerably low power. If I have to mention the power consumption in digits, it’s a 14—5-Amp/1800-watt motor. You should know that it produces about 104-degree Fahrenheit or around 40-degree celsius heat, which is considerably hot enough. So, don’t use this motor continuously for a long continuous period. However, from the overall perspective, the engine is good enough for doing all work.

Sun Joe SPX4000

When the topic of pressure washer arises, I think, how much power it can generate in the first place. And, in this process of power generation, the motor plays a vital role. However, in Sun Joe SPX4000, the 14.5 amp motor played its role perfectly. By generating around 1450- 2030 psi pressure &, at the same time, consuming the least power, it showed its efficiency. In real-life usage, it produces less heat while using it in the long continuous term. However, I won’t suggest keeping it in use for a long steady period. But it has better heat management than its predecessors. 

Sun Joe SPX4001

fThe motor is the core component of a pressure washer. It plays its role like a human heart in a machine. Every other thing is made based on its performance. And, talking of performance, the 14.5 amp motor of Sun Joe SPX4001 produces 1450- 2030 PSI pressure. Moreover, this performance stays the same in real life too. So, practically & theoretically, it’s a top-notch performance provider. Likewise, this motor can manage its heat correctly. Therefore, the temperature level stays optimal in longtime usages. 

Quick-Connect Nozzle Spray

Sun Joe SPX3000

In my daily usages, I found the provided five quick-connect nozzles so helpful. I use the soap nozzle for low pressure when I mix the soap. Use a 40-degree nozzle for cleaning easy marks on walls. 15 & 25-degree nozzles come in handy when I start washing the car & car’s wheels. 0 degree provides the topmost pressure in concentrated areas. Therefore, I use it on sticky dust & related things. I will suggest using soap, 15, and 25-degree nozzles for everyday work based on the dirt type.

Sun Joe SPX4000

Most of the time, I think what will be the easiest way of getting perfect pressure without customizing any setting. And all the time, the answer that comes to my mind first is the nozzle. Luckily, Sun Joe SPX4000 has provided five nozzles with their pressure washer. The 40 & 25-degree nozzles provide relatively low to mid-pressure. And 0, 15 degrees provide comparatively high pressure. Along with that, the soap nozzle offers the perfect pressure for the working times with the soaps. So, you can use this pressure washer in all kinds of places because of having versatile nozzles.

Sun Joe SPX4001

Like all the predecessors, it comes with five types of nozzles. If I have to mention from lightest pressure ones to highest, then the serial will be 40, 25, 15 & 0. I also found the soap nozzle handy because it provides the perfect pressure while using it in car washing. The mounting process has become easy too. You have to put it at the top of the spray gun & rotate clockwise. & for unmounting, you just have to pull it back, and it’ll come out quickly. The latest mounting system looks better than others, but the core has remained the same.

Detergent Tank

Sun Joe SPX3000

Detergent tanks play a vital role in washing marks on cars or wall sides. The capacity of the detergent tank determines the continued usability time. However, for providing a more significant breakless working experience, the Sun Joe SPX3000 has two 0.9 liter detergent tanks for carrying various types of detergent. Moreover, it gives the flexibility of taking two types of detergent at the same time. I have gotten a ton of benefit from this feature while cleaning the car & home while using different detergent types. 

Sun Joe SPX4000 and SPX4001

Sun Joe SPX 4000 and SPX4001 have the same detergent tank placed on the bottom portion. Unlike the Sun Joe SPX3000, it has only one 1.59L detergent tank. It reduces the capacity & the flexibility of using two detergents at the same time. However, for using the detergent efficiently, it has a dial dedicated to controlling detergent’s dilution. With it, I have got the right amount of detergent mixed with the water. Therefore, my work got a great boost. 

And it will show its effect to everyone in every time in every place for sure. 


Sun Joe SPX3000

I have got the weight of a Sun Joe SPX3000, about 31lbs on a standard measurement instrument. It’s not that heavy to carry with me. I’ve taken it to various places & felt no kind of extra hassle with its weight. 

Sun Joe SPX4000

Sun Joe SPX4000 is one of the lightest pressure washers. I got around 27.8 lbs on a standard measurement instrument. Carrying around 4 lbs less makes a great difference if someone is in the cleaning business. But for people like me who use it at home, it’s not that much of an advantage.

Sun Joe SPX4001

32.4 lbs are around the standard pressure washer weight. Luckily, this is the weight of Sun Joe SPX4001. So, as a regular pressure washer, carrying it won’t be that much hard. Moreover, if it’s for home use only, this weight is in perfect range.

Pressure Select Technology

Sun Joe SPX3000

In pressure superior technology, it has no dedicated dial to control the flow’s pressure. However, five types of nozzles are provided with the Sun Joe SPX3000. That can be used as a pressure controller to a certain extent. 

SPX4000 and SPX4001

Sun Joe SPX4000 and SPX4001 use the same type of pressure superior technology. It has a pressure dial to move around 1450-2030 psi. Moreover, it has a nozzle attachment that has an extra level of pressure control. It’s in the topmost industry standard right now.

Hose Reel

SPX3000 and SPX4000

Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX4000 have the same hose reel of 20 feet. This hose reel is enough for everyday work. However, if somehow anyone needs more length, then he can easily buy the extension cord. That will provide an extra length.

Sun Joe SPX4001

Sun Joe SPX4001 has a slightly bigger hose reel than 20 feet from its predecessor. The mount is metallic, and therefore, it provides an extra level of quality. Also, organizing this is so easy & can be packed so quickly. Consequently, it gives the utmost flexibility.

Differences of the Sun Joe SPX3000 VS SPX4000

Sun Joe SPX3000 & SPX4000 belong to totally different Series of pressure washers. However, I’ve seen quite a lot of similarities with this Series. But differences aren’t that less, too. I’ve seen the first difference in weight. SPX3000 is heavier than SPX4000 by about 4lbs. So, for carrying flexibility, SPX4000 will be best.

In the SPX3000 Series, I mentioned that it has two dedicated detergent tanks for two different types of soap. On the contrary, the SPX4000 Series has only one detergent tank. Therefore, the SPX3000 Series has the upper hand in this detergent tank comparison. However, I should mention that SPX4000 has a dedicated dial for controlling the detergent dilution. So, like me, who want to keep better control over work, SPX4000 will be better.

In the SPX4000, I saw a dedicated dial for controlling pressure. But what was absent in SPX3000. However, both have nozzle sets that can partially affect pressure shifting. But having a dedicated dial is always better. So, for keeping better control of pressures & getting professional work, SPX4000 will be better.

I have seen these three significant differences in weight, pressure, and hose category. More minor changes are out there, but those won’t affect the performance that much.

Customers Rating’s of Sun Joe SPX3000 VS Sun Joe SPX4000

John Doe, United States

– I’ve used the SPX3000. It has provided me with an excellent user experience. Moreover, it consumes less power and offers excellent pressure output. I can easily wash my car daily. Satisfied with it and looking forward to its updates.

Sun Joe SPX3000

Cleaning: 4/5

Power Efficiency: 3.5/5

Price: 4.5/5

Ashfaule Sheikh, UAE

– I had moved from SPX3000 to SPX4001 for an upgrade. I saw that the SPX4001’s hose is slightly bigger than the SPX3000’s one. It has two dials, which provided me with a fair amount of control over my work. However, I miss the dedicated two detergent tanks of SPX3000. Yet, overall, I’m satisfied with what I’ve got.

Sun Joe SPX4001

Cleaning: 4.5/5

Power Efficiency: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Robert Ronald, United Kingdom 

– SPX4000 is a decent upgrade. A lot of things have changed. But the most noticeable ones are in the detergent tank and the addition of dials. However, the pressure outcome remains the same. Overall, the user experience has improved, and the weight has significantly reduced.

Sun Joe SPX4000

Cleaning: 4/5

Power Efficiency: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Jack John, United States

– I’ve SPX3000 & SPX4001, and my neighbor has SPX4000. From the experience of using all three, I can say that SPX3000 provides the best price to performance ratio. However, for the best user experience, the SPX4001 is undoubtedly the winner for having the latest kits and attachments.


Cleaning: 4.5/5

Power Efficiency: 4/5

Price: 4.5/5

Sun Joe SPX3000 VS SPX4000 Buying Guide

If I were you, I would look out for a few features that affect the performance of a pressure washer before deciding on buying one. Looking at everything for judgment won’t be efficient. Therefore look for these to compare:


Make sure to pick a comparatively high-pressure generating (1450-2030 PSI) motor. Also, look for how power-hungry that is. Among all the engines, what is producing more significant pressure while consuming less power, make sure to consider it is picking.

Detergent Tank

Larger & Diversified is better. Make sure to look for a 1.5L+ detergent tank in total. If that provides dedicated detergent flow control, then consider it as the winner.  

Pressure Control

Having a dedicated pressure controlling dial gives great control over the work. So, if there is any kind of dial on the pressure washer, consider it.

Electric or Oil Based

Look for an electric pressure washer for cost management. Avoiding oil-based pressure washers will be wiser. 


The budget is everything at the end. If you are running low, then focus on the motor, detergent tank for comparison & go for an electric one. If you want the best product and have enough credit, feel free to compare and mention every aspect and pick the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are sun joe products made?

Every Product has its brand origin and manufactured origin. The products of Sun Joe are designed in Carlstadt, New Jersey. So, its brand origin is in the USA. Regardless of brand origin, its effects are manufactured all over the world. USA, CANADA, China, and India are some of Sun Joe’s products’ top manufacturers. Ice Melt is manufactured mostly in the USA, China, and Canada. The outdoor power tools are manufactured in China, and Garden Decors are manufactured in China & India. More components are manufactured in different places, but those aren’t that major.

Who makes sun joe products?

Snow Joe company produces all the products of Sun Joe. It is an Edition, New Jersey-based company. They started their operation in 1994. Their main motive was to produce useful goods at a cheap cost without losing any quality. This mission has led them to their initial success. Moreover, it grew bigger. And now that Snow Joe company is responsible for producing all the Sun Joe products in full scale. They made those products from China, the USA, Canada, and India. The names of those manufacturers are disclosed.

How to use sun joe pressure washer?

You just have to plug the main water hose with the Sun Joe pressure washer. Then you have to assemble all the parts. Then you have to plug the electricity into the ports. Great, the pressure washer is ready to use now. You have to mix soap ( not mandatory ) and mount a nozzle based on your preference. I will suggest using a 15-degree nozzle most of the time. After mounting the nozzle, push the spray gun. Great, the Sun Joe pressure washer is working. By following this method, you can use the Sun Joe pressure washer.

Who makes sun joe pressure washers?

Snow Joe company makes the Sun Joe pressure washer. They design the product in the USA. Then they provide the design to the manufacturing hubs like China, India, Canada, and some parts of the USA. After the manufacturing, they ship it to the Snow Joe Company, and they appear as makers of Sun Joe Pressure Washer. However, the Snow Joe Company is just the designer & the product right holder and the indirect maker. The actual names of manufacturing companies from all around the world are disclosed.

How is the pressure washer sun joe SPX3000 rated?

The pressure washer Sun Joe SPX3000 is rated based on a few aspects- power consumption, noise, pressure, and cleaning. It consumes relatively less power. Therefore, in this section, they get about ⅘. On the noise side, it produces less sound. So, it’s getting ⅘ here. In the pressure producing, it’s in the industry standard of 2030 PSI. For that, it gets 5/5. And for cleaning, it deserves 4.5/5 because it can clean almost anything. The overall rating will be around 4.25/5. It’s a fairly good rating compared to other competitors.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I’ve discussed three pressure washers and provided an overview. Mention what to look for before purchasing one. Moreover, I tried to provide a general idea and explanation about features & their real-life usage. A few FAQs will also be found for knowing all other necessary answers. But the most awaited thing in this whole article is that have you learned how to pick the best product for you? If you did, then I hope you have picked the Sun Joe SPX3000 because it provides the most outstanding value at that price point. And, thanks for sticking with us until the end.

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