The Best Worx Switch Driver Reviews 2022 [Pros & Cons]

Have you ever been frustrated about continually having to change your tools while working? And especially if you’re someone who has worked on building projects using wood, I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Having to switch between your driving and drilling tools amidst work is quite a hassle. Not only that, but it also ends up wasting a lot of your time. So then, what’s the alternative to switching between tools while driving a screw or drilling a pilot hole?

You guessed it right! The Worx Switchdriver is one such multi-tasking tool that saves you from this trouble. And I understand that you might have many questions running through your mind right now. How does it function as both a driver and a driller? Is it worth the money?

However, you don’t need to worry because the answers to all these questions are in this Worx Switch Driver Reviews. So, let’s not waste any time and jump right into the real talk.

Worx Switch Driver Overall Review 2022

Worx Switchdriver 2021

The Worx Switch Driver is a savior for you if you are tired of alternating between drilling and driving tools. The manufacture of this tool takes place in China by a company named Worx. Worx offers a multitude of lawn and garden pieces of equipment along with power tools such as the one we’re discussing.

You can convert this revolutionary screwdriver to a drill within the blink of an eye. All you have to do is press a button to alternate between the ¼” inch chucks. You’ll find the head rotating by 180 degrees and presenting you with a whole new tool!

It has an automatic torque control that makes sure the screws don’t strip. Along with that, the surface you’ll be working on will be free of any damages. On top of that, it consists of a variable gear that lets you change the tool’s speed.

For instance, you might want to go slow while backing out or drilling into risky surfaces. On the other hand, driving your screws into the body will require a much faster speed. Although experts are not entirely pleased with the innovation, amateurs and DIYers are pretty excited.


  • Multifunctional two-in-one drill and driver saves a lot of time and effort while working.
  • Torque control with a dozen different settings.
  • Cordless, so there is no hassle of finding an electric socket near you.
  • The variable speed lets you select one according to the task you’re doing.
  • Incorporated with bit clamps loaded with springs.
  • Ultra-fast switch from a drill to a driver and vice versa as the head turns through 180 degrees.
  • The package includes a pair of shareable batteries along with a charger.
  • Comes with a trigger-activated LED work light for a secure and illuminated working station.


  • A bit on the pricier side compared to similar single chuck alternatives.
  • It only supports Hex bits of ¼ inches.

Switch DriverSpecifications

Let’s take a look at the specifications of the Worx Switch Driver that make it so desirable.

Dual Head Drill 2021

Weight: 3.1 lbs, along with the importance of the battery, makes it portable.

Input Power: 20V or 1500W.

Type Of Chuck Required: ¼” inch HEX bits.

Maximum Torque: 265 inch-lbs.

Speed: A maximum of 1500 RPM on the fast setting and 400 RPM on the slow ground helps you control the speed according to your requirement.

Maximum Drilling Capacity: Can penetrate through the steel of up to 3/8-inches of thickness, so depth will never be a limiting factor.

Battery Warranty: 1 year.

Tool Warranty: 2-year warranty on the tool or 30-day money back.

Time Required To Fully Charge Battery: 3-5 hours, but charge sustains for a long time.

Tool Dimensions:  8.5x3x9-inches, so it doesn’t require much storage space.

Set Includes: Tool, a charger, two batteries, and 3 bits.

Ingenious 2 in 1

The feature that makes this tool extraordinary is its ability to switch from a driver to a driller instantly. In addition, each of the heads can turn 180 degrees so that you can end up with a different tool without having to get down from the ladder.

And the best part is that you can achieve this by merely pushing a button. As a result, your productivity doubles with half the effort and time! Therefore, if your work includes continuously switching between a drill and a driver, this tool is a match made in heaven for you!

Battery Life

Naturally, tools that use batteries as a source of power attract a lot of complaints from customers. Most of these power-driven tools have a short battery life, which makes the customers unsatisfied. But this is where the Worx Driver changes the scenario.

The package comes with not one but two highly heavy-duty batteries. Each battery is so powerful; most users have reported not even needing the second battery. The first battery takes a lot of time to lose its power, making it one of the best features of the Switch Driver.

Worx Battery Drill 2021

Unexpectedly Powerful

The Switch Driver may not impress professionals in this line of work, but it is a life savior for people who like to do everything by themselves. As a result, they start using it in every task they come across.

This tool has proven efficient for all, whether used to drill a hole in the wall to hang a photo frame or for more serious tasks like installing wood fences or used in various constructions. Since people didn’t expect it to be so powerful, it was quite a pleasant surprise.

What the Users Say

People are pretty excited at the opportunity to have some extra time to themselves, all thanks to the Worx Switchdriver. Since it helps you finish your task twice as fast, it is a unique tool in the inventory of everyone that has bought it.

As for the appraisals, a customer has reviewed the product as well-balanced and compact. To add more, he wrote that the LED light is successful in illuminating his workstation. He also said that the locations for reverse and speed-changing switches are convenient.

Variable Speed Cordless Drill

Similar reviews like the one above also mention how easy and quick it is to swap the heads while working. Some customers have also commended the build of the drill and said it was well-thought-out.

The fact that it comes with two drill bits and a Phillips ¼ inch Shank is also pretty impressive to users. Along with that, many customers have labeled the Worx Switch Driver as a neat innovation and said that it stands out among the rest.

Moreover, a user happily reported that the batteries with this tool are interchangeable with other Worx products. Therefore, if you own other products from this company, it’ll be a bonus for you.

Perhaps one of the primary pieces of evidence that indicate people’s love for this tool is that they are purchasing it as a gift for their loved ones. However, the only dissatisfaction that they are facing is that it’s not compatible with any bits other than the ¼ inch hex-based ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bits does it use?

The Worx Switch Driver uses ¼ inch hex-bits. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with any other bits, which has been one of the most common complaints by users. Even if you have different bits at home, they’ll not be any use to you if they’re not ¼ inch hex bits.As a result, you’ll have to purchase these bits separately from retailers if you don’t already have them at home. It may be an additional cost, but it’s worth the money because of the efficiency of the drill.

Does it come in a carrying case or bag?

Honestly, it depends. If you want to settle for a lower price, you might only want to go for the tool. In that case, you won’t get a carrying case or bag with it. However, you can also avail a package that includes a carrying bag and other accessories and bits.The price of that package is higher than that of the tool individually. I’d say this is a fair deal because people can choose an option according to their financial limitations and requirements. Quite convenient.

Are the batteries compatible with other Worx tools?

Yes, the batteries that come with the Worx Driver are interchangeable with other Worx tools. Not only that, but it is also synonymous with the showers of different power tools.However, since the batteries are used to power 20V tools, you must ensure that you are using them on similar mechanisms that draw 20V. Therefore, if you already own other Worx tools, you can use their batteries in this Switch Driver.Similarly, you can use the battery that you get in this tool to power other Worx products, such as the Worx blower and the edger.

Are Worx drills any good?

Worx has always been supplying high-class drilling types of equipment that are convenient for use. So, of course, they’re right. Worx drills are excellent for their purpose, especially the 2 in 1 Switch and Drive.It allows you to finish your task without requiring a second tool. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a Worx drill, I’d advise you to go for it without any second thought.

Does Home Depot carry Worx tools?

Yes, you can find Worx tools at the Home Depot. You can also buy Worx tools from their website and get free shipping on qualified Worx products. Please pick it up in person, or it delivered right to your doorstep from!

Final Verdict

If you’ve successfully reached the end of this Worx Switchdriver review article, I’m sure the only question that is running through your mind is whether you should purchase the tool or not. And if I’m sincere, the answer varies depending on your current situation and requirements.

While the Switch Driver gives similar tools from other brands a tough competition with its versatility, efficiency, power, speed, and torque settings, I’d not recommend you go for this if you already have a similar product.

However, if you haven’t bought anything like this before, the Worx Switch Driver is one of the best options that you’ll come across in the marketplace. And I kid you not; you’ll thank me for recommending it to you every time you use it.

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