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Toilet paper holder info:

Before committing to a toilet paper holder, you need to check if it goes with your wall type. You can pick a holder that can be fit in with screws and mounting brackets Primarily made of steels for drywalls. In the case of tiled walls, you might use a holder that requires adhesive attachments along with screws. They are primarily ceramic kind. To find a suitable paper holder for wooden fences, you would need a fixture that supports studs. You can always use a stud finder to proceed with the process and get your desired toilet paper holder. Paper holders can be wall mounted with brackets, glue, mastic, wall anchors, etc. You can find recessed holders and also standing toilet paper holders for smaller bathroom spaces.

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The standard height for a toilet paper holder

The height placement of installing a toilet paper holder is at a centred position and 26 inches above the ground.

This standard height is fit for both taller and shorter users and also ones with an average size. It tends to the need for all kinds of users, including the ones with special needs.

The proper location can be further determined by reading the installation instructions that come with the fixture.

What is the size of the toilet paper holder?

You wouldn’t want to buy a toilet paper holder that doesn’t let the majority or, at the very least, your favorite toilet paper slide in with ease. The standard size of a regular toilet paper holder is about 5-10 inches. However, the most basic ones come with a length and diameter of 4.5-5 inches for each case.

Best Toilet paper Holders

The size may vary depending on the manufacturer. It may also be affected by the kind of posts and brackets the fixture uses. That might add up to some extra inches than the standard measurement.

Recessed holders are more prominent in size due to their box into the wall setup. It is 5.9 inches in length and has a diameter of 6.5 inches.

It is funny how we only consider the wall mount kind while thinking about paper holders. The paper holders can come in the shape of long stands for small bathrooms. However, the stand’s length doesn’t change the holder’s average size; it may lessen the distance by an inch or two.

Important factors that we ask you to note are, regardless of what you pick for your bathroom, buy a holder that is at least half an inch bigger than your toilet paper’s size. It will let you put up a new one with ease. The regular toilet papers have a roll size of 4.5-5 inches in length. A more oversized holder than this average size will make it easy for daily use.

How to install a toilet paper holder?

Installing a toilet paper holder is relatively easy if you have the right tools and a holder with a helpful mounting template to drill holes and set screws. You will need a cordless drill, screws sets, stud finder, heat gun, Allen wrench, and toolbox. If you keep this handy, you can set any paper holder on your bathroom wall.

First, use the mounting template to mark the areas where you would like to drill holes. Ensure it is 26 inches above the ground is at a standard location. Next, drill pilot holes in the marked areas. Use a drill bit of ¼ inches to get started. Set the screws; in case of the presence of studs, place them accordingly. Put up the mounting brackets and posts and secure them with an Allen wrench. Set the mounting plate up.

We suggest you double-check each step for stability and even spacing. Keep the parts ready while setting it up.

Lastly, set it in the proper position and let the holder face outwardly away from the wall.

Toilet paper installation steps:

  • Use a measuring tape to find the correct height of placement. It should be 26 inches above the ground and about 8 inches away from the toilet bowl. Use the template that usually comes with the paper holder set up to mark the areas to be drilled with a pencil.
  • If you are dealing with a wooden wall, use a stud finder to mark spots to place the studs. In that case, use a drill bit of 3/16 inches.
  • Next, check if the marked area is evenly spaced and there is alignment between the horizontal and vertical markings. Drill in pilot holes.
  • Now, drill holes with ¼ inch drill bit to set the wall anchors and screws in position.
  • Set the mounting brackets, posts, and secure them with an Allen wrench or necessary screwdrivers. Use the fasteners to secure the fixture.
  • Make sure it’s facing outwards and away from the wall. Slide in the roll to use, and you are done installing the holder.

4. How to choose the most suitable paper towel holder?

A ground rule, go for the one with the broader base. It will provide added stability. Pick a simple and compact design that will be easy to assemble and be easy to use. Pick a paper holder that will not take up much space and make your kitchen, living space, etc., look good.

We suggest you pick one that will support most paper towel type to hold in.

Materials of paper towel holder

Paper towel holders are now not only a necessity. It can also serve as a decorative addition to your living space. Therefore, you should pick a paper towel holder material that best complements your setting.

Paper towel holders can be made of steel, rod iron, wood even plastic. These are the most common materials that are used. But for decorative purposes, sometimes more than one type is used to make the holder. Some lesser-known and customized materials are also used to build the holder as long as it serves the purpose, i.e., to hold the paper towel. Galvanized metals, stainless steel, and marble made fixtures are also popular paper holder materials.

We are all on board with the looks department, but the material should provide good bearing capacity and be easy to assemble, clean, and use.

Styles of paper towel holder

There are many types of paper towel holders. The most common types are wall mounts, stands, and countertop.

The wall mounts can also include hanging from a shelf or hanging under cabinet paper towel holders.

Finally, The countertop ones can also include storage box, baskets, boxed holder under the category, along with wide-based ones with a holder bar to hold the paper towel.

finish of toilet paper holders

Paper towel holders with no sharp edges stand for the fact the holder has a good finishing.

For holders made with stainless steel, it should be preventive of forming rusts and stains. The finish should be good enough to provide average bearing capacity and not break when exposed to some force.

A chrome finish is the best kind to have on a paper towel holder f its steel. A good even finish on the surface and plastics using good quality would be suitable for wooden ones.

Water-resistant and wear-resistant finishes are the ones to keep an eye out for.

Choose a paper towel holder according to occasions

Once you decide on getting a paper towel holder, you need to pick one that fits your home’s mood and tone.

The beauty of your living area will automatically increase if you get a complimenting paper towel holder.

For festivals, you can keep handy a decorative and festive looking paper towel holder. During such times, you can swap it with the regular one.

The bathroom

Bathrooms are primarily wet and surrounded by water factors. The first criterion should be to get water, a resistant holder. Specially treated brass or stainless steel holders are good options. Some paper holders can come with storage or abroad and covered top. You can use that space according to your need.

Go for a shielding design to prevent splashes of water from ruining the paper towels.


Kitchens can look gorgeous with countertop paper holders or wall mount ones. If you have a small kitchen space, it is wiser to go with a wall mount. Otherwise, standing paper towel holders or countertop ones are great to use.

Pick a lightweight and compact design to keep your kitchen neat. Please keep it away from the stove and oven to avoid mishaps.

Dining room

The folded or boxed type paper towel holder is the convenient choice. It will let you move it around the dining for ease of use.

You can place it near the washbasin or on the buffet table as you wish. You can also put it on the dining table. In that way, if you need a paper towel, you won’t have to cross oceans to get one.

Make a double toilet paper holder by yourself

How fun it would be to make a double toilet paper holder all by yourself. To make a strong one, you will need a heat gun, cement, cardboard, reinforced bars, and tubes of different sizes.

At first, you will need to build a mould by sticking cardboards on top of each other to give a sturdy structure. Build this around the tubes. Make a separate hole in the cardboards to put another line in the design to pour the cement in and make a cylindrical shape.

Pour the cement in and let it dry. Please take off the cardboard mold by cutting it out from the sides. Next, attach a steel bar from the mid of the cement holder and fasten with screws or adhesives. The bar should be preferably L shaped to slide in the paper roll.

Attach the entire setup to the wall. You can paint it to make it look nicer or keep it as it is. Either way, it will let you hold two toilet papers at a time.

Where can I put my toilet paper holder in a small bathroom?

For small bathrooms, wall mounts are the best options. Find a standard location that serves the common requirements and put it up. If there is a length issue, we suggest you buy a holder with a vertical bar to save space.

You can also get the standing paper holders or ones that can be attached to the bathroom shelf. The standing ones will serve multiple purposes. It can store other bathroom amenities and extra toilet papers.

How to install a toilet paper holder and towel bar the right way?

Both the processes are the same. The towel bar needs more spacing than the toilet paper holder.  

Use the mounting template to mark the points to drill holes. 

We suggest you double-check if they are evenly spaced and are synchronized before making the pilot holes. Next, drill holes using ¼ inches drill bit and set the wall anchors and screws correctly.

Set the mounting brackets and posts accordingly. Fasten them and screw them well in. Set the holder bar for each of them. Both should face away from the wall and should be firmly attached to the wall.

What is the best toilet paper brand?

The best toilet paper brand has to be Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper. This brand ensures you have a happy and hygienic experience.

It is very aware of the sensitive region you will use it in and hence is soft on the skin. There will be no rashes or uneasy feelings after use.

It maintains a standard paper roll size to go with every paper holder. This is easy to tear away from and have a generous amount of tissue on each roll.

It goes easy on your plumbing as well. Despite having tough in its name, it is easily flushable.

It will provide excellent and easy cleaning and meet your daily requirements.

What is the layout for an ADA compliant bathroom for special needs?

The prime criterion is to have a generous floor plan to fit in bathroom hardware with a good amount of space in front of it.

A vacant space of 30 inches from the sink, 30 inches from the tub, and 48 inches from the toilet bowl should be maintaining. The floor plan should accommodate a 60-inch diameter plan.

All the essential places should have grab bars or other customized fixtures for support.

The door to the bathroom should be easy to open and close. The fixtures should be chosen by marinating specific standards. However, the prime interest should be to let people with special needs use the bathroom without being exposed to any danger.

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